“You will have to give birth sooner or later. Even if I can’t endure it now, I still have to do so eventually. We might as well do it earlier so that this Prince can do whatever I want in the future.”


Seeing how naturally he said the last part about doing whatever he wanted, Su Xi-er inwardly scolded him for being shameless. It seems like there’s nothing else I can do apart from this.


“Aren’t you afraid that with you doing whatever you want with no qualms, I will keep on giving birth? I’ll make you hold it in until you feel like dying.” Su Xi-er smugly countered with a grin.


Pei Qianhao gently patted her head. “Little bewitching fairy, you want to make this Prince hold it in until I feel like dying? I insist on not letting you get your way.” He immediately carried her into his arms.


There have been so many things going on that it feels like I haven’t touched her in an eternity. Just like she said, I could die from holding it in.


“A-Jing, it’s still the middle of the day! Put me down!” Su Xi-er began to struggle in his arms, but before she could do much, she received a crisp smack on her buttocks.


The tips of Su Xi-er’s ears immediately flushed red. Not only did he smack my buttocks, he’s even taking the chance to knead them. It’s still broad daylight; what if any guards on patrol discover us?!


“Shameless A-Jing!”


“You don’t like it?” Pei Qianhao asked in a meaningful tone.  

Su Xi-er ignored him and continued to squirm. “I don’t…”


Before she could finish speaking, she received another smack from him. “You have become a rebel. To think that you dared to say you don’t like this Prince; you need to be sorted out.” 


I’ve spoiled her too much, and have to instate some family rules.


Pei Qianhao picked up the pace until they reached the main bedroom. He set her down on the soft quilt before immediately pressing down upon her.


Without waiting for her to speak, he cupped her face and kissed her. His teeth rubbed against her lips, and he nimbly pried her mouth open, before slipping his tongue in. He heatedly leaned deeper into the kiss, taking in her delicate fragrance as much as he could.


Su Xi-er softly moaned, and she pressed both of her hands against his sturdy chest as she leaned her head backwards with Pei Qianhao supporting the back of her head.


He’s probably held it in for too long. Today’s kiss is more overbearing than usual, and it feels like he’s trying to devour me. Gradually, Su Xi-er found it more difficult to breathe.


“Xi-er.” Pei Qianhao softly called her. Looking at her misty eyes and captivating beauty, his throat tightened. Once again, his tongue entangled with hers as he madly kissed her.


The temperature in the room slowly rose, and the bed curtains fell.




Meanwhile, an old uncle pulled a cart of firewood into the backyard of the Prince Hao Residence. The guard respectfully led him to the woodshed, watching as he unloaded the firewood.


“Niu Niu, help me.” The old uncle said to the young woman dressed in coarse clothes beside him.


Niu Niu nodded and obediently replied with an affirmative before walking over to help with unloading the firewood. However, despite her best intentions, her petite figure wasn’t fit for physical labour. It wasn’t long before she tripped while carrying the wood, and pain shot through her wrist as an abrasion appeared on it.


Ruo Yuan happened to notice this scene and immediately came over to help, smiling at the woman. “Let me help you.”


However, Ruo Yuan’s eyes instantly widened in disbelief, and her lips kept quivering. “Empress...Dowager...”


Didn’t she request for an edict to guard the Imperial Mausoleum? Why has she suddenly reappeared while in the Prince Hao Residence while dressed in coarse clothes?!


Niu Niu showed a baffled expression. “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”


The old uncle stepped forward. “Miss, this is my granddaughter who has been mentally disabled since she was young. I was afraid that something might happen to her at home today since there wasn’t anyone to look after her, and decided to bring her with me.”


Ruo Yuan’s body stiffened. “What?! She’s your granddaughter? But she’s clearly…” The Empress Dowager! They look exactly the same!  

“Grandpa, are we done unloading? Let’s go back. I’m hungry; I want rice rice.”


“Alright, Grandpa will bring you back.” The old uncle immediately bent down to carry the last batch of firewood before waving to his granddaughter. “Just let me stop by the Bookkeeping Office to collect some silvers; I’ll buy something delicious for you today.”


“Grandpa is so nice.” Niu Niu foolishly smiled in a pure manner, causing Ruo Yuan to be shocked once again.


How can there be people who look so alike? Is it really a coincidence?

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