Xie Yun’s eyes initially dimmed, but lit up again when he heard the rest of Pei Qianhao’s sentence. “Take Zhen Yu away? Would she be willing?”


Despite clearly knowing that she had someone in her heart, I used extreme methods to force myself upon her. It wouldn’t be strange if she only feels hate for me, and she definitely wouldn’t want to leave with me. I thought that I would be able to predict everything, but I still fell for someone, and when I did, it was complete and without warning.


Su Xi-er couldn’t help but furrow her brow when she heard Pei Qianhao’s words, turning her gaze towards him. However, her heart sank when he met her eyes and nodded.


Brother Hu must have let Zhen Yu down, but Zhen Yu is too fixated on him to accept reality. He’s probably thinking that rather than fall into despair for the rest of her life, it may be better for her to follow Xie Yun. In addition, this will let us reclaim Xie Yun’s power while not letting Zhen Yu find out about Brother Hu. As for how the relationship between the two of them ends up in the future, that depends on the Commandery Prince. Xie Yun’s actions were despicable, there’s no doubt about that. However, the only reason he’s fallen to such an extent is also because of Zhen Yu; he must truly love her.


Pei Qianhao walked to his bed. “As to how things will exactly unfold, that will depend on you. One thought is all it takes to decide between life or death.[1]


Xie Yun looked up at him, and a soft chuckle escaped from his lips. “One thought is all it takes to decide between life or death; what an apt phrase. Only if I die will she remember me for a lifetime. If she can disregard her reputation and search for Brother Hu, perhaps he will accept her.”


He then closed his eyes. Humans are very selfish; I’m still very selfish even until now. After fighting for power for so many years, the only things I have are a tired heart, and the pain of not being able to have the one I love. Death would be a type of release for me, and I wasn’t even thinking about Liuli as I tumbled down the mountain.


I’m someone who even forgot about my own younger sister, as well as hurt the one I love; am I not extremely selfish?


Seeing his face filled with despair, Su Xi-er couldn’t help but stand up. “Aren’t you worried that Zhen Yu may be pregnant with your child? A woman past the prime of her youth has a child out of wedlock, but the father doesn’t take responsibility; even if she gives birth, people will only call the child a bastard child who is unwanted by the father. Xie Yun, can you bear to leave Liuli and Zhen Yu?”


She was very clear that if Xie Yun died before he handed over the power in his hands, reclaiming it would be doable, but extremely troublesome. Situ Lin is still young, and Dongling and Xiliu are developing quickly. If turmoil breaks out in Beimin because of complications in reclaiming what Xie Yun leaves behind, it wouldn’t be worth it.


Xie Yun’s eyes widened and turned ruthless upon hearing the words ‘bastard child’, his hands clenching into fists. “This Prince will accept treatment. I hope that I can see Zhen Yu when I wake up. As for my power…” He looked towards Pei Qianhao. “Just take it away if you want, but you have to leave behind the Xie Family’s estates and influence we have established over the years. Liuli needs to marry, and those will be her dowry.”


“Don’t worry, this Prince will only reclaim your military power; I won’t touch your family estates, fields, or stores at all.” Pei Qianhao coldly stated. 


I don’t lack silvers. Apart from the military power, nothing else can catch my eye.


Xie Yun slowly closed his eyes. I’ve decided to stop fighting for power after experiencing a close shave with death, and I’ve never felt more free. What Liuli said is right; I can lead a better life if I learn to let go.


Su Xi-er immediately walked out of the room and summoned all the imperial physicians waiting outside.


Soon, the imperial physicians were assigned their own tasks: taking Xie Yun’s pulse, determining the condition of his injuries, then prescribing and preparing the medicine.


Imperial Physician Zhao came forward and deferentially bowed. “Prince Hao, Commandery Prince Xie’s injuries are very severe. We’re afraid that his legs…”


The rim of Xie Liuli’s eyes reddened as she anxiously asked, “What’s wrong with my elder brother’s legs again?”

1. This phrase is thought to have been from Buddhism.

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