“I can’t do anything if Commandery Prince Xie longs only for death.” Su Xi-er turned to leave without any hesitation.


However, she had only taken a few steps when she heard Xie Liuli’s bleak cry from behind. “My brother has committed heinous crimes. I’ll bear his sins in his stead.” She stood up and dashed towards a pillar.


Shock flickered across Feng Changqing eyes as he swiftly grabbed hold of her.


“Let go of me! I want to die in my brother’s stead!” Xie Liuli struggled in his arms.


Su Xi-er felt a headache coming to her. It must really be Xie Yun’s fortune from his past life for him to have such a younger sister.


“Commandery Princess, the Commandery Prince won’t be allowed to see Zhen Yu after harming her. It’s pointless even if you sacrifice your life here; you’d be better off threatening your brother with your life to accept treatment.”


“Princess Consort, my brother can let everything go. You are clever; I know you have a way to convince him to accept treatment. I beg of you.” 


I know it’s very shameless of me to say such things now, but I really don’t want to lose my family. I’m even willing to exchange Elder Brother’s life for my own


Seeing how persistent she was, Feng Changqing couldn’t help but say, “Princess Consort, you should make a trip to the Commandery Prince Residence. If Commandery Prince Xie has really let everything go, it can be considered advantageous for Prince Hao.”


Defeating the other party by attacking them psychologically and not wasting a single soldier; it’s an impressive tactic, and one that the Eldest Imperial Princess is best at.


Su Xi-er contemplated for a while before finally relenting under Xie Liuli’s persistent pleas. “Alright, I’ll make a trip to the Commandery Prince Residence.”


Only when Su Xi-er had left in the horse carriage did a guard enter the main courtyard to inform Pei Qianhao of what had happened, causing him to become annoyed.


This woman! Why does she have to bother about such a thing To think that she’s going as far as to pay a visit to the Commandery Prince Residence!


Hence, he quickly left the residence and leapt onto a horse to follow Su Xi-er.




In the main courtyard of the Commandery Prince Residence, Su Xi-er saw many imperial physicians kneeling on the floor; even Situ Lin was here.


Situ Lin had just learnt of Xie Yun’s tumble down the mountain, and had rushed here with a large group of imperial physicians. However, the latter was unwilling to accept treatment even as he began to burn up with a fever.


Upon noticing Su Xi-er, Situ Lin greeted her. “Imperial Aunt.”


“Mmm, I’ll go in and take a look.” Su Xi-er walked into the main room and saw Xie Yun covered in blood as he lay on the bed. He feebly raised his hand in an attempt to get down from the bed.


“Zhen Yu will be happy if you die.”


Despite his severe injuries, Xie Yun was still conscious. His eyes were filled with pain and sorrow upon hearing Zhen Yu’s name.


“Commandery Prince, letting go is the best option, regardless of whether it’s Zhen Yu, or the power you seek.” 


I’m a callous person. Xie Yun’s life could mean less to me; it’s just that things will be much easier for A-Jing if he doesn’t interfere anymore. I’m just here with the goal of taking his power away.


“I have been fighting for power all my life, and I’m now tired.” Xie Yun closed his eyes. 


After losing an excessive amount of blood, his body was gradually growing ice-cold. At the boundary between life and death, he had finally understood what was truly important to him.


Suddenly, he found himself envying Pei Qianhao. He has everything. Be it power, status, or beauty. He can dote on Su Xi-er however he likes.


“If you’re tired, then let things go. Many people will be happy if you die. The only exception is your younger sister.” Su Xi-er spoke in a relaxed manner, even sitting down to pour herself a cup of tea.


“Liuli has someone she likes; he can take care of her.” However, no one likes me. After spending so much of my time fighting for power, it turns out that Pei Qianhao has been silently devouring it all away.


A sudden noise came from outside the room, followed by Pei Qianhao pushing the door open and walking in, his cold aura on full display.


Xie Yun chuckled. “Prince Hao really dotes on Su Xi-er.”


“Of course, women should be doted on.” Pei Qianhao’s voice suddenly grew cold. “Hand over your military power, and take Zhen Yu away.”

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