Su Xi-er frowned at his words. Brother Hu forgot about his childhood promise with Zhen Yu and married someone else?


She wanted to ask more, but Zhen Yu softly cried out in her arms. Turning her attention to the other girl, she found that Zhen Yu only cried out once more before falling into a deep sleep.


The horse carriage travelled all the way back to the Prince Hao Residence. Upon arriving, Ruo Yuan and Hong Li supported Zhen Yu down the carriage and helped her to the private room in the side courtyard where Liu Yinyin was also staying.


“Ruo Yuan, go and prepare some red bean soup for her when she wakes up.”


Acknowledging the order, Ruo Yuan immediately ran to the kitchen.


Liu Yinyin blinked her eyes when she saw Zhen Yu’s red and swollen eyes. It must have been something terrible for her to cry this much. She walked up to Zhen Yu and helped massage her tense brow, softly saying, “Don’t be scared; everything will pass. I will play with you in the future.”


“Xi-er, leave this place to the fat lass and follow me back to the main courtyard.”


Su Xi-er was unwilling. “You can go back first. I’ll wait for her to wake up.”


“Are you coming back?”


Noticing the displeasure on his face, she walked over and softly replied, “Go back first; I’ll head over soon.”


Pei Qianhao whispered into her ear. “Sometimes, this Prince really hates that kindness of yours.” He then let go of her and walked out of the room.


I can’t stay here any longer. Otherwise, when Zhen Yu will start mistaking me as Rong Qing once she wakes up.


At the thought of Rong Qing, Pei Qianhao’s gaze deepened. 


There are some matters I must clarify with Aunt Rong. Who exactly did the Pei Family offend back then? My parents’ mouths were zipped, and only claimed that it was better for us to forget the grudges of the past. However, I must get to the bottom of this!




When Ruo Yuan brought the bowl of red bean soup into the room, Zhen Yu still hadn’t woken up.


“Leave it on the table for now.” Su Xi-er instructed before sitting on the edge of the bed and holding Zhen Yu’s hand. “As long as you wake up, everything will be fine.”


“Brother Hu, Brother Hu!” Zhen Yu suddenly yelled. She immediately sat up and surveyed her surroundings in confusion. Where is this place?


“Zhen Yu, it’s fine now.” Su Xi-er patted her shoulder, then turned to Ruo Yuan. “Bring the red bean soup over.”


Ruo Yuan carried the bowl over. “Princess Consort, be careful; it’s hot.”


Su Xi-er nodded and used a handkerchief to hold the bowl. She took a spoonful and blew on it. “Drink it slowly. You have to nourish your body well.”


Zhen Yu stared at her in a daze for a long while before finally opening her mouth and drinking. 


When she had drunk half of the bowl, a guard suddenly came to report. “Princess Consort, Commandery Princess Xie is kneeling before the entrance of the residence; she’s requesting to meet you.”


Hearing the word ‘Xie’, Zhen Yu’s body started.


Su Xi-er placed the bowl down. “Ruo Yuan, feed Zhen Yu. I’ll be back in a bit.”


It had been drizzling intermittently throughout the night; it had stopped when Su Xi-er had arrived at the wooden house in the mountains, but had now started up again. Fortunately, it was only a drizzle.


After Feng Changqing noticed the drizzle, he immediately held up an oil-paper umbrella and shielded her from the rain until they reached the entrance.


Pei Qianhao had decided to let Su Xi-er handle this matter.


Although it was only drizzling, Xie Liuli was still wet, and her hair was sticking to her forehead. When she spotted Su Xi-er, she immediately burst out, “Princess Consort, my brother has committed a grave mistake. I…”


“If you plan to intercede for him, you should go back to the Commandery Prince Residence right away.” Both Su Xi-er’s countenance and tone were frosty.


Xie Liuli slightly shifted her gaze, but when she noticed Feng Changqing, her body stiffened. A moment later, she bit her lips and began kowtowing without regard for anything else. “My brother isn’t willing to receive treatment. He just wants to see Zhen Yu once. I beg of you…”

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