Unbeknownst to them, Zhen Yu was currently hiding within a grove of trees nearby. When Xie Yun had fallen, Zhen Yu had been in the surroundings, watching with wide eyes as he continued to call her name despite the painful grimace on his face. He’s so heavily injured.


After Xie Yun was carried away, Su Xi-er heard some noises from the grove of trees, prompting her to immediately glance in that direction. "Who’s there?"


Hearing Su Xi-er's voice, Zhen Yu immediately appeared. "Princess Consort."


"Zhen Yu!" Su Xi-er sprinted forward and embraced her. "It's fine now. Everything will get better."


"Princess Consort, I…" Zhen Yu kept weeping. How should I break it to her that I have lost my chastity.


"Zhen Yu, we have found some leads regarding Brother Hu ー Fragrant County's Rong Residence. I'll take you to see him; don't cry."


Hearing about Brother Hu, Zhen Yu's heart sank. It's too late. I have no face to meet him. It's now impossible for us to be together in this lifetime.


Pei Qianhao quietly observed Zhen Yu's expression from the side. He had already had the Rong Residence investigated, but had yet to inform Su Xi-er.


Brother Hu, or should I say, Rong Qing, has a similar appearance to me. It’s only our personalities that are different. I have to go to the Rong Residence so that I can get some answers to the questions in my heart.


However, it's better for Zhen Yu not to go; she'll only be more miserable if she does, because Brother Hu got married two years ago. The Rong Residence found a young lady from a decent background from him, and that lady is even pregnant now.


"Princess Consort, I won't go and see Brother Hu. I…lost my body." Zhen Yu sobbed in Su Xi-er's arms.


"Zhen Yu, he wouldn't mind if he truly loves you." Su Xi-er patted her back to comfort her.


"I don't want to; I'm dirty.' Zhen Yu furiously shook her head, bawling so harshly that she almost passed out.


Pei Qianhao walked over. "Let's return to the Prince Hao Residence first. We can discuss the matters of the Rong Residence again."


Su Xi-er noticed something amiss with his expression. Did he discover something?


Finally, Pei Qianhao ordered the guards to help Zhen Yu onto the horse carriage, but she rejected any man's contact.


"I'll support you." Su Xi-er put her hands around Zhen Yu as they walked, the two of them boarding the carriage as Pei Qianhao followed behind.


Inside the carriage, Zhen Yu's eyes were swollen. Staring at Pei Qianhao's face, her consciousness started to blur due to everything she had gone through, and she began to call out,  "Brother Hu, Brother Hu…"


Pei Qianhao's expression sank, and he immediately looked away from her.


However, Zhen Yu suddenly broke free of Su Xi-er and landed in Pei Qianhao's arms. "Brother Hu, I'm dirty; I have no face to meet you. You and I are no longer possible."


Pei Qianhao's expression darkened further; he wasn't one to be tender and chivalrous to women, and he shook her off. "This Prince isn't Brother Hu."


"You also find me dirty." Zhen Yu didn't get up from the floor, gradually losing consciousness as she cried herself to sleep.


Su Xi-er supported Zhen Yu up and let her lean against herself. "A-Jing, you…"


"What, your expression didn't even change when a woman pounced into this Prince's arms!" Pei Qianhao's voice was full of displeasure. I haven't gotten angry at her for a long time, but I'm very displeased right now!


"A-Jing, you clearly know that the situation is different now."


"Don't tell me you want this Prince to take her in?" Pei Qianhao coldly asked with annoyance in his eyes. 


I can't dote on her too much. She's gone completely overboard!


Su Xi-er harrumphed. "You're not allowed to. I’ll chop you up if you dare to do such a thing."


Hearing her response, Pei Qianhao felt as if his body had become much more comfortable. When he realised that, his gaze deepened. To think that I would be happy to hear such a thing… This personality of mine is really...


"A-Jing, with Zhen Yu like this, even if she finds Brother Hu, she wouldn't meet with him."


"It's better if they don't meet. Brother Hu's real name is Rong Qing, and he's no longer the same as he was back then. However, this Prince still wants to make a trip to the Rong Residence. Come with me." 

Pei Qianhao furrowed his brow. Aunt Rong...perhaps I should also call her aunt.

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