Su Xi-er coldly retorted, "Everything you do is twisted! You even made use of your own sister to make a move on Zhen Yu!" She lashed out with her whip as the words left her mouth, catching Xie Yun off guard as he suffered a blow to his back that caused his shirt to tear.


"Princess Consort Hao, you have such impressive combat skills. For your whip to even be made of tiger hide, I see that you have come prepared tonight. What about Prince Hao? Hiding behind a woman?" Xie Yun coldly laughed before walking forward, totally ignoring Su Xi-er.


"I'm enough to deal with you; no need for my husband to dirty his hands." Seeing that he wanted to leave, the fury in Su Xi-er's heart flared up again.


I hate men who defile and make use of women!


Hence, she swung her whip at Xie Yun again. This time, however, Xie Yun turned around and caught the whip with his hand, forcefully stopping it. "Su Xi-er, don't force this Prince to resort to violence."


At this moment, a man’s steady voice rang out. "Even if you resort to violence, you wouldn't be Princess Consort Hao's match." A man clad in black robes appeared in front of everyone.


The guards from the Prince Hao Residence immediately bowed. "Paying respects to Prince Hao."


Pei Qianhao waved his hand and glanced at Xie Yun. "Abducting a woman and forcefully assaulting them is a heinous crime. Commandery Prince Xie, you purposely broke the laws despite knowing them."


More soldiers with swords in their hands appeared, tightly encircling Xie Yun.


"Prince Hao, you plan to capture this Prince and interrogate me in prison?"


Su Xi-er coldly snorted. "Shouldn't we? Beimin's laws state that forcefully abducting a woman is a heinous crime."


"You have so many people with you; it looks like this Prince wouldn’t be able to escape even if I had wings." Xie Yun glanced at the soldiers.


Zhen Yu is missing; I have to find her myself, otherwise my heart won’t be at peace.


"Since you know, why don't you surrender?" Su Xi-er stared straight at him with a dangerous glint in her eyes.


Xie Yun softly chuckled and slowly took several steps forwards. "What if this Prince insists on not surrendering?" He immediately leapt onto a horse, cracked the horsewhip, and dashed off.


Su Xi-er swiftly responded, raising her whip and looping it around the horse's hoof. With a sudden pull, Xie Yun fell from the horse and tumbled down the mountain road.


"Commandery Prince!" The guards from the Commandery Prince Residence all yelled out before following him down the mountain road. How is he going to survive such a fall?!


Su Xi-er retracted her whip and narrowed her eyes. Even if he doesn’t die, that kind of fall will leave him crippled. Now we’ll see how he’s going to harm people again!


"A-Jing, let's quickly go and search for Zhen Yu."


Pei Qianhao nodded. I hope that Zhen Yu's matter can be resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, Xi-er won’t be able to let it go.


When all the guards from the Commandery Prince Residence had left, the old physician came forward. "Prince Hao, Zhen Yu walked all the way down the mountain road. If you hurry, you may catch her at the foot of the mountain."


Su Xi-er immediately understood that he had helped Zhen Yu escape. She then glanced at the maidservant, only to see the latter’s gaze flickering. "Miss…"


Before Su Xi-er could finish speaking, Xiao Ya knelt on the ground. "Princess Consort Hao, I won't tell anyone about the old physician helping Zhen Yu to escape. Please let me go."


Su Xi-er didn't make things difficult for her. In the end, Pei Qianhao ordered for the soldiers to split into two teams: one would head towards the foot of the mountain and search the surrounding villages, while the other would scour the mountains themselves.


Soon, the numerous soldiers began their search.


When Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao reached the foot of the mountain, they spotted Xie Yun. His whole body was covered in injuries so severe that it was difficult to differentiate what was blood and what was flesh. Despite his current state, he was still calling Zhen Yu's name.

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