However, she wasn’t aware that Xie Yun had already opened his eyes while she was dressing herself. “Zhen Yu, are you really that scared of this Prince?” He leaned his body forward and used his hand to restrain her.


Zhen Yu noticed his wounded arm.


“Zhen Yu, this Prince is injured.” Xie Yun told her with a smile.


“It’s best if you die.” Zhen Yu decided to retort when she couldn’t break free of him.


“Is that so? If I die, our child will have no father in the future. I can’t bear for that to happen.”


“I won’t give birth to a child for you!”


Xie Yun raised his hand and caressed her small face. “Zhen Yu, if you treat this Prince better, even if I die, I’ll die happily.” He then lowered his head to kiss her lips.


Once again, he took her. This time Zhen Yu didn’t struggle. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to break free. The more I struggle, the happier he would be.


She originally thought that he would just do it once, but he continued for the next few days. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, and wailingly implored him to stop.


Only after five days had passed did Xie Yun leave. When the physician checks her pulse 15 days later, she may already be pregnant.


At that thought, the corners of Xie Yun’s mouth curled up.


The old man entered the wooden house with the medicinal soup for nourishing the body. Thinking that it was the pregnancy prevention soup, Zhen Yu immediately downed it with no hesitation.


“Miss, why do you not give in when the Commandery Prince treats you so well?”


Zhen Yu placed the bowl down and didn’t reply to him, her eyes like an emotionless pool.


The old man sighed. My heart aches for this young lady. “If you wish to leave, I’ll help you escape.”


“Are you for real?” Hope sparked in Zhen Yu’s eyes for the first time.


The old man nodded. “Mmm, there are important court matters that the Commandery Prince must take care of himself. Miss, you only have one chance, and that will be tonight. I will find a way to get you out, but you must find your own way once we get to the mountain road.


Zhen Yu stood up from the bed, and just as she was about to thank him, she saw Xiao Ya coming into the room. “Miss, come and wash up.”


“Mmm, alright.” Zhen Yu couldn’t hide her emotions as she walked over, causing Xiao Ya to have some doubts.


While Xie Yun had been staying in the mountains for five days, Su Xi-er had also found out about Zhen Yu’s location. Pei Qianhao had deliberately stirred something up in court so that Xie Yun couldn’t extricate himself.


Apart from their search for Zhen Yu, they also had some progress in the search for Brother Hu. ‘Rong’ was not a common surname in Beimin, and it wasn’t long before they found an eminent Rong Family that hailed from Beimin’s Fragrance County.


When their Patriarch, Rong Yan, was 30 years old, he married a concubine and showered her with unparalleled affection. He even went as far as to bestow the surname ‘Rong’ upon her, and every member of the residence would refer to her as ‘Aunt Rong’.


Regardless of whether Brother Hu is still at the Rong Residence, this Aunt Rong should be able to tell us where he is. Then, we need only find Zhen Yu before we can reunite the two of them.


However, when Su Xi-er barged into the wooden house in the mountains, she discovered that Zhen Yu was nowhere to be found.


The guards from the Prince Hao Residence and Commandery Prince Residence were confronting each other in the courtyard, swords drawn. On top of that, Xie Yun had immediately rushed over after finding out that Zhen Yu had disappeared.


Su Xi-er glared at him coldly. “Xie Yun, so this is your guarantee from cutting your flesh?! You hid Zhen Yu for so many days. If you ask me, I would say that even cutting all the flesh from your body wouldn’t be sufficient!”


Xie Yun ignored her, swiftly walking into the wooden house with a frantic expression. She disappeared just like that! The place was heavily guarded; she couldn’t have gone missing… unless someone helped her!


At that thought, Xie Yun immediately looked towards the physician and maidservant, demanding in a frosty voice. “Out with it, who helped her to escape?”


Xiao Ya immediately shook her head. “This servant doesn’t know. Please spare my life, Commandery Prince!”


“Spare your life?” Xie Yun chuckled before casting a meaningful look at a guard. Understanding, the guard swung his sword and prepared to kill Xiao Ya and the physician.


However, Su Xi-er quickly unfurled a long whip from her sleeve, wrapping it around the sword and pulling it out of the guard’s hands. “Xie Yun, you’re despicable! Did you defile Zhen Yu?”


“Defile?” Xie Yun burst out in laughter. “In your eyes, it’s defiling! This Prince loves her! I will marry her in the future! How am I wrong?!”

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