Zhen Yu, you only harbour hatred for this Prince and don’t wish to see me. Once we have a child together, I hope the child’s smile can allay your resentment. This Prince is willing to wait until you accept me. However, I cannot allow you to be together with another man. That is why I had no choice but to take you.




Meanwhile, Feng Changqing entered the main hall of the Prince Hao Residence and bowed. “Princess Consort, we already have news regarding the search for Brother Hu.”


Coincidentally, Wu Ling also walked into the main hall and immediately nodded in agreement when he heard Feng Changqing’s report. “Prince Hao, there’s some progress in the search for Brother Hu.”


Su Xi-er immediately asked, “Quickly tell us; where did Brother Hu go after leaving Peach Blossom Village?”


Feng Changqing replied, “Brother Hu left when he was seven, and after roaming around as a vagabond, began working as a temporary hire at a rice grain store here in the capital. Although this rice grain store doesn’t have good business now, it’s still open. We can start investigating from this store.”


“Which rice grain store?” Pei Qianhao coldly asked, his gaze deepening. 


Once we locate the first place he settled at, it should be much easier to follow his trail.


Wu Ling respectfully answered, “Jin’s Rice Store; it’s in the east side of the city.”


“A-Jing, I’ll go to the rice grain store and inquire about Brother Hu. You can go investigate Zhen Yu’s whereabouts.”


“As you wish.” Pei Qianhao softly replied before looking towards Wu Ling and Feng Changqing. “The two of you, follow the Princess Consort to the rice store.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.”


Not long after, Su Xi-er boarded a nondescript horse carriage to hide from prying eyes before heading for Jin’s Rice Store.


Pei Qianhao also dispatched three groups of people: one to monitor the Commandery Prince Residence, another to scour the suburbs, and a final group to comb through the capital. The Commandery Prince Residence also sent some people out to search for Zhen Yu.


However, it was unavoidable that a commotion would arise when word got out that the two most powerful princes in Beimin were both searching for the same woman. The commoners couldn’t help but be curious. Who exactly is this woman? Why are the two of them looking for her?


Aren’t Prince Hao and Princess Consort Hao very loving with each other? Why is Prince Hao searching for another woman together with Commandery Prince Xie?


Everyone was baffled, and the news only continued to spread by word of mouth.




The owner of Jin’s Rice Store was an old man with white hair. He was no longer in charge of managing the place, and had since left it to his son. When faced with Su Xi-er’s question, he couldn’t help but deeply muse.


Finally, he replied, “All of us called him A-Hu. Although he was young, he worked hard. Everyone liked him a lot, but he left on his own not long after. He didn’t even collect his salary.”


“He left without collecting his salary?” Su Xi-er asked back. How is a child with no silvers going to survive? Did he really leave on his own, or did someone take him away?


It was at this moment that a 20-year-old lad walked into the store; he was none other than the old man’s son.


“Dad, Brother Hu didn’t leave of his own accord. I happened to have been coming out of the lavatory that night, and I saw him board a spacious and magnificent-looking  horse carriage. It had to have been from an eminent family.”


Su Xi-er looked towards the young lad. “Do you still remember what the horse carriage looked like? Or do you remember if it had any special characteristics? Were there any characters carved on it?”


The lad pondered for a while before shaking his head. “It’s been so many years that it’s hard to remember. The only thing I remember for sure is that the carriage was very glamorous.” Just as it looked like he was finished, the lad’s eyes lit up again. “Oh yes, I heard A-Hu call that young woman ‘Aunt Rong’.”


Su Xi-er’s gaze deepened. Aunt Rong. Beimin is very large; apart from the capital, there are many eminent families in the various provinces and counties. Who exactly was she? In any case, I have received some useful information.


She cast a meaningful look at Wu Ling, prompting the latter to immediately step forward and pass the lad some silvers. “Many thanks. Consider these a gift from my master. Please hold onto them properly, and don’t let this matter spread.”


The young lad accepted the silvers. “We won’t say anything about it.” 


Brother Hu has left for so many years, but now there’s even some noble person looking for him. He must already be the young master of some eminent family by now; Brother Hu is truly not someone simple.

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