Xie Yun nodded with a natural expression. “That’s a given. This Prince is extremely grateful to Zhen Yu for massaging my bones and treating me. Now that she’s gone missing, this Prince also feels concerned.”


“Couldn’t be better.” Su Xi-er immediately continued. “Commandery Prince, we’ll start scouring every single nook and cranny of the capital for her. Before we find her, Commandery Princess Xie will remain in the Prince Hao Residence. Only when Zhen Yu has returned safe and sound will you be able to come and take the Commandery Princess back.”


Xie Liuli could discern that Su Xi-er still had her doubts, and she looked at Xie Yun. “Elder Brother, make a promise today that you didn’t hide Zhen Yu.” 


She couldn’t bear to have others viewing her brother in such a manner. My only family shouldn’t be held in contempt by others.


“This Prince doesn’t do verbal promises.” Xie Yun’s eyes flickered before he walked to the table and picked up a tea cup, shattering it against the table itself.


Xie Liuli didn’t understand what his intention was, and was only able to helplessly watch as he took one of the shattered shards and slashed it across his arm. Soon, flesh blood was flowing out of the wound.


He actually cut his flesh!


“Elder Brother! Don’t be like this! I trust you; I don’t want you to make a promise. They shouldn’t be suspecting you!” Xie Liuli cried out with tears in her eyes as she dashed forward, her heart throbbing in pain as she took in the sight of her brother’s injured hand.


Xie Yun raised his other hand and caressed her head. “Liuli, follow your elder brother back to the residence. With this, you can see the true colours of the people in the Prince Hao Residence and not have any interactions with them in the future.” 


I can assuage the guilt in my heart by doing this, as well as begin to increase the distance between Liuli and Su Xi-er. I don’t know what might happen if they continue to get along in the future.


Xie Liuli vigorously nodded, choking her sobs back. I shouldn’t have come to the Prince Hao Residence; I have hurt Elder Brother’s heart.


Su Xi-er coldly stated, “Commandery Prince, if you go as far as to injure yourself, I naturally have to trust you. I hope that when we find Zhen Yu, you can still be as honest and confident as you are today.”


“Of course, Princess Consort. I hope that when the truth is revealed in the future, you will apologise to my brother. No, Prince Hao also has to apologise.” Xie Liuli coldly replied, her eyes frosty.


Xie Liuli’s current behaviour was unfamiliar to everyone, including Xie Yun.


Su Xi-er nodded. “Of course. Guards, send the Commandery Prince and the Commandery Princess out of the residence.”


Xie Liuli immediately refused. “There’s no need. We can walk on our own. Elder Brother, I’ll support you.”


Seeing the concern in his sister’s eyes, Xie Yun nodded and quietly walked out with her.


Once the two people had left, Su Xi-er sighed. “Liuli is too naive. I didn’t expect there to be such a ruthless elder brother in this world; even going as far as to use his own sister.”


“Xi-er, don’t be sad for others.”


“A-Jing, despite being in a lofty position and surrounded by enemies on all sides, you can still maintain your original pure heart; I admire you a lot for that.” Su Xi-er embraced him and snuggled against his chest.


“That’s a given. I’m your husband; if you don’t admire me, who else do you want to admire?” The corners of Pei Qianhao’s mouth curved up, and his eyes were filled with a teasing look.


Su Xi-er softly snorted. “I only admire you; you’re the person I admire the most!”


“Why does it feel like your mouth has been smeared with honey today?” Pei Qianhao caressed her lips, only to have his finger bitten.


“Little wild cat.” Despite his remark, Pei Qianhao’s tone was full of affection.


Su Xi-er laughed. “I’m a little bewitching fairy too!”


“Is that so? Then show this Prince that you’re a bewitching fairy tonight.” Pei Qianhao temptingly nibbled her earlobe.


“I’m afraid that you won’t be able to take it.”


“There’s nothing this Prince can’t take. Feel free to come at me; I’m just afraid that you won’t be able to let go and become a bewitching fairy.”


Su Xi-er playfully smacked him. “You have such a glib tongue; I can’t beat you.”




Outside of the Prince Hao Residence, Xie Liuli supported her brother onto the horse carriage. Just as she was about to board the carriage, however, a man in blue robes appeared and walked towards the Prince Hao Residence.


Xie Liuli’s breathing hitched. 


It’s actually him… He’s from the Prince Hao Residence.

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