Discerning the firmness in Su Xi-er’s eyes, Xie Liuli felt a sharp pain in her heart. I’m sad that someone talks about Elder Brother like that. But if he had abducted Zhen Yu, how could he have allowed me to leave the residence and come to the Prince Hao Residence? He certainly would have locked me up to prevent me from revealing that he likes Zhen Yu.


“Liuli, do you want to save Zhen Yu?”


“I want to, but I don’t think it was my brother. You shouldn’t suspect him. A person wouldn’t harm the person they like. Maybe she has gone to search for Brother Hu; she was already visiting the Prince Hao Residence over these past couple days, asking when you and Prince Hao would be returning.”


Su Xi-er glanced at Pei Qianhao, and saw him nodding to her. He’s naturally clear about what I’m thinking.


A moment later, Pei Qianhao waved his hand and instructed a guard, “Commandery Princess Xie is a guest at the Prince Hao Residence, we must entertain her well. She’ll be staying here and accompanying the Princess Consort for the next few days until Zhen Yu returns.”


Since Xie Yun abducted Zhen Yu, we’ll hold his younger sister captive.


Xie Liuli immediately understood his intentions. “It couldn’t have been my brother! I’m really sure! I believe him! I won’t complain even if you hold me captive, and I also won’t run away.”


Su Xi-er grasped her hand. “Liuli, if it isn’t your brother, I will apologise to you. But if it is, don’t blame me for…”


“I understand. If it’s really him, he should pay the price.” Xie Liuli felt as if a knife had stabbed into her heart.


This is for Elder Brother, for Zhen Yu, and also myself.


After Xie Liuli was escorted into the Prince Hao Residence, the guards from the Commandery Prince Residence immediately brought the news to the wooden house in the mountains.




At this moment, Xie Yun was attempting to coax Zhen Yu into eating.


“Go away.” Zhen Yu avoided him, afraid of him getting near her.


“Just take one bite. Don’t compromise your body.”


“I don’t want to!” Despite having always been weak, Zhen Yu suddenly shouted and fiercely glared at him.


Xie Yun felt his heart ache, and he placed the bowl down. “No matter which women I’ve taken a liking to, they’ve always come running with just a twitch of my finger. Zhen Yu, why do you refuse to follow me? Is it for Brother Hu?” When he mentioned Brother Hu, he chuckled. “We don’t even know whether Brother Hu is dead or alive; is it worth it for you to be like this for a dead person?”


“Brother Hu won’t die. You’re not allowed to curse him.”


“Fine, he’s alive then. But at this age, I’m afraid that he has already married and had children. Even if he hasn’t, would he want you? I’m the only person in this world who is worthy to have you!” Determination flickered in Xie Yun’s eyes, yet his face still carried his usual gentle smile.


He scooted closer and forcefully embraced her, pinching her chin to compel her to bear his kiss.


When his hand slipped into her clothes, Zhen Yu began to struggle as fear assailed her body. 


He wants to do this to me again? No!


Xie Yun pressed her beneath his body and fiercely kissed every part of her, even touching the softest areas of her body. Unable to escape, Zhen Yu could only choke back sobs as she was trapped beneath him.


Just as he was about to enter her, a knock sounded from the door, and a guard’s respectful voice could be heard. “Commandery Prince, there’s something important to report.”


Xie Yun raised his hand and suddenly smashed it against the quilt. He then lowered himself and fiercely kissed Zhen Yu’s neck a few times. After calming down the fire within his heart, he got up and tidied up his robes, walking out of the room soon after.


Finally being free, Zhen Yu lied on her stomach as she desperately gasped for air. 


I almost lost my body again.


Outside the room, Xie Yun’s eyes were unreadable.


“Commandery Prince, Prince Hao and Princess Consort Hao are already suspecting you, and they have confined the Commandery Princess.”


Everything is within my predictions. 


Xie Yun’s expression was indifferent as he said, “This Prince will make a trip to the Prince Hao Residence right away.” 


Then, he glanced at the wooden house. Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao, your hands are reaching too far. I just want a woman, yet you still want to interfere.


Did you think that I’ll be defeated again after suffering a loss the last time? No matter what, I’m determined to have Zhen Yu! Once she gives birth to a child, regardless of how unwilling she is, she will still unswervingly follow me.

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