Su Xi-er’s brow furrowed. “You believed such a reason? Xie Yun is a despicable and vile person; he must have abducted Zhen Yu. But why did he do so? Could he have taken a liking to Zhen Yu?” She turned to look at Pei Qianhao. “You have been in the same court as Xie Yun for many years. Does Zhen Yu seem like the type he would like?”


“How would this Prince know?” It was the first time Pei Qianhao didn’t know how to answer her question. 


Xie Yun’s thoughts are constantly evolving, and he has manifold types of women. Who knows what his type is?


“Tail Xie Yun, and we will be able to locate Zhen Yu.” Su Xi-er’s tone was cold. 


What exactly about Zhen Yu has attracted Xie Yun? Could it be that he’s developed feelings for her after she massaged his bones for just a few days? Zhen Yu has endured many hardships while waiting for Brother Hu for many years, sacrificing the prime of her youth while refusing various marriage proposals. She couldn’t have fallen for Xie Yun!


“A-Jing, secretly dispatch someone to tail him, and we’ll be able to find Zhen Yu within three days. If something has really happened to Zhen Yu, I’ll definitely exterminate him!” Su Xi-er’s expression was vicious. 


I abhor men who make use of women the most, especially those who act against the weak and innocent!


Pei Qianhao nodded. “There has to be a reason for people looking alike in this world. Since the person she likes, Brother Hu, looks similar to this Prince, I will definitely help her.”


Mei Jinxiu didn’t expect that it would be the work of Xie Yun again. This despicable and vile person! Both Xie Yun and Xie Liuli are born of the same mother, but why is Xie Liuli so nice, while her brother is so abominable?! I should have poisoned him to death instead of treating him! Who asked him to harm people?!


A moment later, Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao boarded the horse carriage, swiftly returning to the Prince Hao Residence.


Right after they alighted, Su Xi-er spotted Xie Liuli standing beside a carriage from the Commandery Prince Residence wearing a purple dress.


When Xie Liuli saw her, she immediately smiled. “You’re back.”


“Liuli, why did you come today?”


“Elder Brother is no longer grounding me, and has allowed me to come and visit you. Let’s be friends from now on, alright?” Xie Liuliu gave a sincere smile, making people unable to refuse her.


We’ve reached a critical juncture, yet Xie Liuli suddenly came to the Prince Hao Residence; I can’t help but be suspicious. Could Xie Yun have used even his own younger sister?


“Liuli, do you know about Zhen Yu’s disappearance?” Su Xi-er asked with a slight probing look in her eyes.


“I do. That day, I personally saw my brother have a horse carriage bring her back to the medical clinic. Early the next morning, Miss Mei came to our residence to demand an explanation, but Zhen Yu had already been sent away. Could she have received some news about Brother Hu and gone to search for him by herself?” Xie Liuli earnestly told the truth.


Su Xi-er was puzzled. “Did you really see Zhen Yu board the carriage with your own eyes? Did it leave the residence? After the carriage left, where was your elder brother?”


Xie Liuli noticed the sceptical look in her eyes. “You suspect that my brother abducted Zhen Yu? That can’t be. Although he likes Zhen Yu…”


“Likes Zhen Yu; are you sure?” Su Xi-er immediately caught the crux of the matter and cut Xie Liuli off.


Xie Liuli’s eyes held a complicated gaze. “It’s the first time my brother was moved, and he has taken a liking to Zhen Yu, but he knows that she already has someone she likes, so he didn’t force her. I had kept accompanying my brother after Zhen Yu had left that night. There were no guards who came to interrupt, and my brother certainly wouldn’t have abducted Zhen Yu; he wouldn’t hurt her.”


“Liuli, I’m certain that it was your brother who abducted Zhen Yu. Even if my next words will hurt you, I have to speak the truth about your brother’s character; he is unscrupulous, and too despicable.”

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