For the next consecutive few days, Zhen Yu drank several bowls of soup, mistaking it as pregnancy prevention soup. The body of a woman who drank this sort of soup would start to prepare for pregnancy. As long as there was regular lovemaking and no other complications with both the woman and the man, the possibility of becoming pregnant would be very high.




Inside the Commandery Prince Residence, Xie Yun drank a bowl of soup, and understood that his body had completely recovered. 


I have to return to the morning court assembly tomorrow, so I want to go and check on Zhen Yu today. I wonder how she’s feeling after being treated like that the other day. I heard from the guards that she has already accepted the physician and maidservant, and that she’s drinking a bowl of medicinal soup every day to nourish her body; this medicine is beneficial in assisting a woman to become pregnant.


An idea came to Xie Yun, and he stood up before instructing the guards to prepare a horse carriage to head to the mountains.


Coincidentally, Xie Liuli came. “Elder Brother, you haven’t looked well these past few days. Are you worried about Zhen Yu? She suddenly went missing. Physician Mei is anxious, and I can’t help but feel the same.”


Xie Yun’s expression remained unchanged. “Mmm, I’m worried about her. She helped me massage my bones for a period of time, and I didn’t even have the chance to thank her yet.”


“Could she have heard news about Brother Hu and gone to search for him?”


Hearing his sister mention Brother Hu, Xie Yun’s gaze faltered, an action that didn’t escape Xie Liuli’s eyes. “Elder Brother, I understand your feelings, but Zhen Yu has someone she likes. You have to learn to let it go, just like how you previously advised me not to like a man I see on the streets. How is it possible for all the people I like to like me back? It’s better that you put it down. Elder Brother, I hope that you…”


Xie Yun cut her off. “I understand, Liuli. I’ll be going out for a while.” He then walked out.


Watching her brother’s departing figure, Xie Liuli sighed. I hope that Elder Brother has really let it go. I can’t help but wonder where Zhen Yu is. I hope she at least finds her Brother Hu and hat everything will be smooth-sailing.


Before Xie Yun reached the entrance, a guard hastily entered the residence and bowed as he reported, “Commandery Prince, Prince Hao and Princess Consort Hao have returned to the capital, and they went straight to Mei’s Medical Clinic upon arriving.”


Xie Yun’s face remained indifferent. Mei Jinxiu has a rather good relationship with the Prince Hao Residence. Zhen Yu is from her medical clinic, and now that she has suddenly disappeared, Mei Jinxiu will definitely seek Pei Qianhao for help. If Pei Qianhao interferes, even the slightest slipup could lead to Zhen Yu being discovered.


Hence, he immediately ordered, “Monitor them secretly. You’re not allowed to have your tracks discovered.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” The guard bowed and turned to leave.


At this moment, Xie Liuli came forward. “Elder Brother, did something happen in the court?”


Xie Yun shook his head. “Prince Hao has returned from Nanzhao. You haven’t gone out of the residence for a while, and since you want to become friends with Princess Consort Hao, I’ll allow you to make a trip to the Prince Hao Residence today.”


“Elder Brother, is that for real?” Xie Liuli’s eyes lit up with anticipation.


“Mmm, go on. You are my younger sister. My heart will ache after seeing you being confined for so long.”


Xie Liuli laughed and hugged Xie Yun. “Thank you, Elder Brother.” She then turned to go back to  her courtyard. She planned to personally make a gift for Su Xi-er.


Watching Xie Liuli’s departing figure, his gaze deepened. I have no choice but to make use of my own younger sister, but she did say before that she wants an elder sister-in-law.


At that thought, Zhen Yu’s clear eyes emerged in his mind again. The corners of his mouth involuntarily curled up and he quickened his pace to board the horse carriage that would head towards the mountains.




Inside Mei’s Medical Clinic, Mei Jinxiu was distressed, and immediately began to implore Pei Qianhao upon seeing him. “Zhen Yu is missing! I’m certain that she has been abducted! Since there was no more need to massage Xie Yun’s bones, I instructed Zhen Yu to come back. She did originally return that day, but insisted that the Commandery Prince’s legs still weren’t well, and that she had to massage them for a while longer. She never came back that night, and when I went to the Commandery Prince Residence to search for her, the guards told me that they had already sent her back.”

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