Zhen Yu stopped herself as her hands tightly gripped the quilt. 


He’s threatening me. If I commit suicide, Peach Blossom Village is be doomed. To think that he’s so vicious. Why does he want to treat me like this? Even after persevering in my search for Brother Hu for so many years, this is the result I get.


Although the door wasn’t locked, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape with the guards around in the courtyard.. After collecting her thoughts, Zhen Yu stood up and ignored the pain in her legs as she slowly put on the clothes on the floor.


Finally, she sat at the edge of the bed in a daze, the past splendor that had lit her eyes faded away.


Not long after, a knock sounded at the door, and someone respectfully spoke. “Miss, have you gotten up? The physician and maidservant arranged for you have arrived.”


Zhen Yu kept quiet. I have neither the energy nor inclination to speak. 


After a long while, the door was pushed open from the outside. A young lady dressed in coarse clothes and an old man with a white moustache walked in.


“Miss, the Commandery Prince has entrusted this old man to nourish your body.” The old man set the medical box down and took a few steps forward, stopping before her to feel her pulse.


Zhen Yu moved to the side and watched him with vigilance. “Leave. My body is very well, and doesn’t need nourishment.”


The young lady who came in together with the old man tried to coax Zhen Yu, “Miss, this servant is Xiao Ya, and I’ll be in charge of serving you for this period of time. You seem to have a deficiency in vitality, and your body seems weak. If you don’t nourish it, what are you going to do if you get sick?”


“All of you are Commandery Prince Xie’s people. I don’t need you to be hypocrites.”


Xiao Ya could discern the young woman’s disgust for Xie Yun, and an idea came to her. “Miss, even if you want to leave, you still have to nourish your body well. Otherwise, you’ll immediately faint even if you escape. If you really detest the Commandery Prince, I also won’t let you continue to be tormented.”


Zhen Yu raised her head to look at her. “You will help me escape?”


“Mmm, although I have been a maidservant in the Commandery Prince Residence for many years, I still understand certain matters. Miss, allow me to say something honest. The Commandery Prince likes you; following him will allow you to enjoy a life of glory and luxury as the revered Commandery Princess Consort. Apart from Princess Consort Hao, you will be the most honourable person in Beimin.” Xiao Ya went forward and patted Zhen Yu’s shoulder.


Having been a maidservant for many years, I have learnt to observe people’s expression and behaviours to deduce their thoughts; this is the area I excel in most.


Zhen Yu’s expression was stunned for a moment before she looked towards the old man. “I don’t wish to become pregnant. Prepare a bowl of pregnancy prevention soup for me.”


The old man was taken aback. The Commandery Prince’s orders were to nourish this young lady’s body so that she could become pregnant as soon as possible.


Xiao Ya spoke up. “Miss, if you drink too much pregnancy prevention soup, I’m afraid that you really won’t be able to become a mother in the future.”


Zhen Yu tightly clenched her fists. I have no face to meet Brother Hu anymore, and I won’t marry anyone else in this lifetime; it doesn’t matter whether I can become a mother. “Physician, just simmer a bowl for me; I want it today. If you prepare it for me, I will agree to let both of you stay here.”


The old man still wanted to persuade Zhen Yu, but Xiao Ya stopped him. “Since Miss doesn’t want to become pregnant, then let her be. Secretly simmer a bowl of pregnancy prevention soup.”


Finally, the old man sighed and promised her. Only then did Zhen Yu allow the two of them to remain.


After the old man walked out of the door, Xiao Ya followed and softly instructed, “Prepare the soup to nourish the body and lie to the young lady that it’s pregnancy prevention soup. It’s not good for a woman’s body to drink too much pregnancy prevention soup. If the Commandery Prince blames us, we are doomed.”


The old man agreed. “That’s the only option we have.”

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