Warning: This chapter will contain clear descriptions of sexual violence and assault; if you are in any way uncomfortable reading this, we’ve written a brief description below with any story relevant events that occur.


Zhen Yu is trapped in a room with Xie Yun, and despite the former’s repeated denial, he continues to make advances on her. This escalates into him forcing her onto the bed and taking her chastity against her will. For the first time, the completely pure Zhen Yu laments and regrets her actions of saving Xie Yun. 

She is told over and over by Xie Yun that Brother Hu won’t want her anymore now that she isn’t pure, and she begins to believe it herself. She decides that she won’t look for Brother Hu anymore, but resolves to kill herself to escape from Xie Yun’s clutches.

Once he leaves the room, Xie Yun reveals his plans to have Zhen Yu bear his child. A maidservant and physician are brought in to take care of her, and before Zhen Yu can commit suicide, a guard stops her. He passes on Xie Yun’s threat that if Zhen Yu kills herself, the people of Peach Blossom Village will pay the price.


Suddenly, she felt something strange within her body, prompting her to fiercely bite her lips. If I don’t bite them tight, I’m afraid that I’ll make some shameful sounds.


“Zhen Yu, let it out.” Xie Yun lowered his body and kissed her. With practised techniques, he continuously caused her to reach her limits multiple times. She was ultimately inexperienced about such matters and unable to resist his advances. Her mind instantly became blank, and she involuntarily yelled out, greatly pleasing him.


In contrast to the bright sunlight outside the room, the heated atmosphere in the room contained despair and cruelty.


Zhen Yu didn’t know how many times they had done the deed, nor did she know how long they had been doing it for. All she could recognise was that when Xie Yun finally let go of her, she couldn’t feel any strength left in her body; she laid there motionlessly, her tears ran dry.


“Zhen Yu, your body has already been taken by this Prince. When things have stabilised, this Prince will go to your home to propose marriage and prepare a glorious wedding for you.” Xie Yun pulled the quilt up and covered her with it before sliding underneath himself, hugging her tightly.


However, what greeted him was silence. Zhen Yu seemed to have become an expressionless human doll that was only capable of breathing. No matter what he said, she would ignore him.


Her heart was filled with despair. I lasted until I was 23 years old, and I wanted to give the best of my everything to Brother Hu. Yet, not only did I not find Brother Hu, I even lost my chastity. If this had been in Peach Blossom Village, I would have been punished by drowning in the pig wicker cage.


“Zhen Yu, I love you.” Xie Yun slowly said as he hovered near her lips, his hands gently kneading her body.


Receiving no answer from her, his gaze deepened, and his actions became more intense. Just as he was about to take her from behind, she suddenly replied, “Take back your love. I only love Brother Hu.”


The coldness in her eyes agitated him, and Xie Yun chuckled before he mindlessly took her again. “Will Brother Hu still want you when you’re like this?” Before she could answer, he was already increasing the strength in his actions.


Zhen Yu tightly clutched the quilt, and when he was done with his attacks, despite her body left feeling weak, she still fiercely slapped him. “Despicable! Shameless!”


“So what if I’m despicable and shameless? You now belong to this Prince, and that will remain the same in the future. Every man has this pride and vanity. Once a woman loses her body, she can only follow the man who took it.”


Every word that Xie Yun spoke was like a knife that cut deeply into Zhen Yu’s heart. I won’t search for Brother Hu anymore, but I won’t submit to this man either.


“Zhen Yu, stay here properly. Only when you have considered things clearly will this Prince let you out.” Xie Yun planted a kiss on her head before standing up and putting on his clothes.


Zhen Yu closed her eyes. Even if that’s the case, the soreness and pain running throughout my body keeps reminding me of what has happened.


A moment later, she heard some footsteps followed by the sound of the door closing.


When Xie Yun entered the courtyard, a guard came to report. “Commandery Prince, the maidservant and physician have been arranged. They’re almost here.”


“Be thorough. The person inside is the future Commandery Princess Consort, and nothing can happen to her. Instruct the physician to nourish the Commandery Princess Consort’s body well; this Prince wants a son.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.”


Giving one last glance at the wooden house, Xie Yun boarded the horse carriage and headed back to the Commandery Prince Residence. 


It’s not enough to just take her body; I must also let her become pregnant as soon as possible. Once she becomes a mother, she will have to consider her child, and will have to follow me.


She doesn’t have feelings towards me, but that’s fine. All of this can be cultivated. I don’t believe that I can’t obtain her heart.




Inside the wooden house, Zhen Yu opened her eyes and slowly got up. The quilt slid down and revealed the numerous red marks on her body. With my body gone, I might as well just solve everything by dying. 


When she made up her mind and was about to smash her head against the pillar of the bed, a guard respectfully said, “Miss, the Commandery Prince instructed me to inform you that you have to think for the sake of the villagers. There are so many villagers in Peach Blossom Village, and all of them will be counting on you.”

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