Warning: This chapter will contain clear descriptions of sexual violence and assault; if you are in any way uncomfortable reading this, we’ve written a brief description below with any story relevant events that occur.


Zhen Yu is trapped in a room with Xie Yun, and despite the former’s repeated denial, he continues to make advances on her. This escalates into him forcing her onto the bed and taking her chastity against her will. For the first time, the completely pure Zhen Yu laments and regrets her actions of saving Xie Yun. 

She is told over and over by Xie Yun that Brother Hu won’t want her anymore now that she isn’t pure, and she begins to believe it herself. She decides that she won’t look for Brother Hu anymore, but resolves to kill herself to escape from Xie Yun’s clutches.

Once he leaves the room, Xie Yun reveals his plans to have Zhen Yu bear his child. A maidservant and physician are brought in to take care of her, and before Zhen Yu can commit suicide, a guard stops her. He passes on Xie Yun’s threat that if Zhen Yu kills herself, the people of Peach Blossom Village will pay the price.


Their bodies were tightly pressed together, and the unfamiliar masculine scent in Zhen Yu’s nostrils caused her to tremble in fear.


I’m so scared; I’m afraid that he will cross the line. Even if I struggle, I won’t be able to escape with the little strength that I have.


Two streams of tears poured down her face as she looked at Xie Yun. She softly beseeched him in a pitiful manner, “You are the high and mighty Commandery Prince, there must be many women who want to follow you. I beg of you, please let me go?”


Zhen Yu didn’t know that a delicate and weak appearance often moved a man’s heart the most. Gazing at her moving lips, Xie Yun felt his throat tighten, and couldn’t help but move his own to capture them. This was the second time that he kissed her, but it was completely different from when she had been unconscious.


He pinched her chin, and she was forced to open her mouth to receive him. Casting aside everything else, he focused only on taking in her scent. His mind was fuzzy as his hands wandered downwards, and only a single thought occupied his brain.


I must have her!


A strong sense of danger came over Zhen Yu, and she desperately tried to hit him. Unfortunately, her hands were held behind her back by Xie Yun, and she was gradually pushed against the wall. Tears threatened to spill from her eyes as she felt as if her lips had been kissed until they were numb.


“Zhen Yu, don’t cry. Give yourself to me; I will treat you well, and you’ll be the only one for me in this entire lifetime.” Xie Yun softly said as he kissed her eyes, taking her tears away.


Zhen Yu’s lips were red. I regret everything that I’ve done. If I knew that things would turn out like this, I wouldn’t have gone to the mountains, and I certainly wouldn’t have followed Physician Mei to the Commandery Prince Residence.


“I don’t want you to treat me well. Let me go; I want to leave.”


“Other than letting you go, I can promise you anything else.” Xie Yun continued to kiss her as he slowly raised his hand to untie her sash at the waist. He slipped his hand into her clothes and searched for the softest and most shivering area.


Zhen Yu desperately tried to break her hands free, but Xie Yun used the sash to bind them together. “Zhen Yu, be obedient. I don’t want to harm you. You have never done this before, but you will feel very comfortable later. I want you.”


For someone like Zhen Yu, she won’t look for Brother Hu once her body is taken, regardless of how much she likes him.


Fear, panic, and unfamiliarity mixed with a storm of Zhen Yu’s other emotions.. Although she didn’t understand the matters between a man and a woman, she could sense what Xie Yun was doing to her. 


If I don’t escape, I will become unclean. With a dirty body, how will I have the face to look for Brother Hu?


Her whole body was trapped by him as her clothes slid off one by one. Even her most private areas were exposed as she bore his fiery gaze.


“Zhen Yu, you are very beautiful.” Xie Yun picked her up and pressed her to the soft bed.


He had specially instructed for the quilt on the bed to be soft since he was afraid that the hard wooden bed would be uncomfortable for her.


Feeling humiliated, Zhen Yu bawled. With her hands fastened together and her body firmly restrained, she could only lie there as she felt Xie Yun’s lips roaming across her body.


“Zhen Yu, relax.” Seeing that her skin had turned extremely rosy, and that her eyes were wet, he thought to himself, She can accomodate me now.


“Commandery Prince, I will hate you. I will hate you for an entire lifetime!” Zhen Yu gritted her teeth, and the always present purity in her eyes faded, replaced by an intense hatred.


“Hate me then; it’s fine as long as you’re by this Prince’s side.” The corners of Xie Yun’s mouth raised as he moved his body. 


She has truly become mine.


Zhen Yu’s head immediately shot up. The most precious thing I have is gone. I’m no longer clean. Brother Hu, where are you? 


Her tears were like a broken string of pearls as they trickled down her cheeks.


Warning: This chapter will contain clear descriptions of sexual violence and assault; if you are in any way uncomfortable reading this, we’ve written a brief description above with any story relevant events that occur.

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