Su Xi-er lifted the door curtain and instructed Wu Ling, “Speed up; we’ll be rushing right back to the capital. We don’t need to stay at any taverns since we have enough dry rations in the carriage.”


“Aye.” Wu Ling immediately cracked the horsewhip and increased the speed of the carriage.


Liu Yinyin was quietly sitting at the side as she watched Su Xi-er’s worried expression. This ‘Zhen Yu’ she’s talking about must be a good person. Good people will be rewarded; nothing will happen to her.




Meanwhile, the target of everyone’s worry, Zhen Yu, was currently in a small wooden house. She stared at the tightly shut door as she sat on a wooden stool.


After Physician Mei helped Commandery Prince Xie rejoin his bones, there hasn’t been any serious complication with his condition. After massaging his legs and having him consume medicinal soup, he could even start to walk a little. However, when I woke up one day, I suddenly found myself here.


I don’t know who brought me here, and even the doors and windows are locked. What should I do? How do I get out?


While she was feeling anxious and feeling dejected, some movement came from the door, and a tall man soon walked in.


When Zhen Yu raised her head, she was elated to see that it was Xie Yun, and immediately sprang up from her seat. “Commandery Prince, thank you for coming to save me.”


She ran towards him, and when she saw him standing ramrod straight, she delightedly remarked, “You can walk now! Your recovery is pretty good. Physician Mei’s medical skills are indeed superb.”


Xie Yun flashed a sliver of a heartfelt smile on his countenance. “Zhen Yu, it’s all thanks to you that this Prince could recover so quickly.”


“It’s Physician Mei’s medical skills that are great. Let’s quickly leave. I’m afraid that if the villains appear, we won’t be able to escape anymore.” Zhen Yu immediately walked towards the door before seeing that quite a few guards from the Commandery Prince Residence were standing in the courtyard outside.


“Zhen Yu, how’s the scenery here?” Xie Yun slowly walked to her side and asked as his gaze deepened. Every time I try to get close to her, she would purposely avoid me. She even frequently visits the Prince Hao Residence to ask the guards when Pei Qianhao will be returning.


Xie Yun was aware that Pei Qianhao had agreed to help Zhen Yu search for Brother Hu. What he didn’t know, however, was that this Brother Hu and Pei Qianhao looked alike. As long as Brother Hu is alive, there is no one Prince Hao can’t find in this world. 


If Brother Hu appears, Zhen Yu will definitely run to his side and stay there for the rest of her life. My selfish desire is that Brother Hu is either dead or has already married a wife and has a child. What I’m afraid of is that Brother Hu is like Zhen Yu, not searching for her only because he’s tied down by some other matters. 


I like Zhen Yu; or perhaps should I say I love her. How ridiculous that this happened to someone like me  someone who didn’t even believe in love.


However, since I have fallen in love, I should go and fight for it. So what if she likes Brother Hu?


Zhen Yu was stunned. Why did he ask me such a question? Regardless of how beautiful the scenery is, I don’t like it here.


“Commandery Prince Xie, let’s quickly leave. I don’t wish to stay here any longer.” Zhen Yu began to walk, but was pulled back.


“What...are you doing?” His scent wrapped around her as she struggled in his arms, watching his rapidly approaching face.


“Zhen Yu, once the Xie Family reinforces its position, I’ll give you a life of glory and luxury, wouldn’t that be great?” Xie Yun’s cold eyes suddenly became fiery with a heat that a man would only display to the woman he liked.


Zhen Yu was in a panic. To think that Commandery Prince Xie has grown such feelings towards me. “Commandery Prince, Physician Mei cured you, not me. Don’t be grateful to me. I don’t want any glory and luxury; I only want Brother Hu.”


“Your mind is filled with Brother Hu, but will he remember you? Silly Zhen Yu, this Prince will treat you well; I’ll only treat you well for an entire lifetime.” Xie Yun moved closer to her.


Disregarding her resistance, he planted a warm kiss on her neck.


I’m very selfish; I want a perfect her. Compared to someone like me who has touched so many women, she is still so clean. But it’s the first time that I’ve been so earnest towards a woman as well.


“Don’t, stop! I beg of you, please let me go.” Zhen Yu desperately struggled. 


I’m really scared. I can’t believe that it was Commandery Prince Xie who kept me captive here.


“Zhen Yu, now that this Prince has brought you here, I won’t let you go. You have been constantly avoiding this Prince for a while.” Xie Yun intently gazed at her, his fingers slowly rising to stroke her quivering lips.

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