Ning Lianchen nodded. “We’ll do as you say, Imperial Elder Sister.”


Not long after, the commoners in the capital crowded around the Imperial Noticeboard and couldn’t help but shake their heads. “Why did they become a dotard after being officials for so many years?! Even if they had succeeded in killing His Majesty and Prince Hao, Beimin wouldn’t have let this go!”  

“Exactly, they’re really crafty and lowly people! They don’t care about us civilians at all. If Beimin attacks Nanzhao, we’ll be the ones suffering.”


“Despite that, His Majesty is too benevolent to not punish his whole family. It’s also because of this matter that the Imperial Beauty Selection has to be deferred. It’s His Majesty’s business; if His Majesty doesn’t like it, they can’t just force him to take in imperial consorts.”


“That’s right, let His Majesty be! As long as he governs the country well, we civilians don’t care about anything else. Those officials shouldn’t interfere anymore either; why are they so anxious about selecting consorts for him?!”


The notice had successfully pulled the commoners to Ning Lianchen’s side, and they agreed with him postponing the Imperial Beauty Selection. As for those officials who were against the decision, the commoners could only disdain them. They’re meddling too much in His Majesty’s family matters.


Thus, Ning Lianchen directly refused to continue the Imperial Beauty Selection in front of everyone during the morning court assembly the next day. The 80 women in the Female Selection Palace were sent out of the imperial palace and back to their respective homes. As for Fang Lingdang, guards were assigned to escort her back to the Fang Residence, but whether the Fang Residence wanted her back was another matter.


With his ideal plan ruined, Imperial Physician Fang was vexed and dejected as he sat in the Fang Residence.


“Patriarch, the horse carriage from the imperial carriage has brought Young Miss back to the Fang Residence.” Right after the family servant finished reporting, they heard the shrill scream of a woman.


“Fine, if you dare to bring her into the residence, I’ll hang myself right away! I have lived with you through so many hardships, helped you raise our children, and even almost lost my life because of blood loss while giving birth. To think that you would actually be raising a daughter on the outside!” Lady Fang incessantly whined. 


I didn’t want Fang Lingdang to serve His Majesty. If she had succeeded, that fox vixen mother of hers would definitely have been brought to the residence and acted cocky as if the entire place belonged to her!


Imperial Physician Fang was even more distressed. This wife of mine was originally the young miss of a wealthy landlord. She took a fancy to me back then and insisted on marrying me. Her father was furious and didn’t give us money for a very long period of time, so we indeed went through many hardships together. 


Sigh, when I went to the rural county in the past, I must have been muddle-headed to do that sort of thing with Lingdang’s mother. Who would have expected her to get pregnant after just one time? Despite being criticised by others, she gave birth to the child, and still hasn’t married anyone else.


Imperial Physician Fang stood up. “Fang Lingdang has served His Majesty before, and can potentially enter the palace again one day. The horse carriage that brought her back was from the imperial palace; how will we explain it to His Majesty if we don’t let her enter? Don’t be unreasonable; Lingdang must enter the Fang Residence!” He then walked to the entrance and personally brought his daughter in.


Lady Fang flared up, and began to curse. “You unfaithful man! I was really blind to have married you!” 


I don’t believe that my own daughter’s looks lose out to a person birthed by a fox vixen. I’ll think of a way to send my daughter into the palace, and perhaps His Majesty will take a liking to her!  



Inside the posthouse, Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er sat in the main hall as they waited for Ning Lianchen to arrive, and Liu Yinyin would look towards the courtyard from time to time.


Why isn’t he back yet?


Noticing her expectant expression, Su Xi-er couldn’t help but ask, “Yinyin, if you’re like this, are you sure you still want to come to Beimin with me?”


“Yes, of course I’ll go. I want to sleep with Fairy Elder Sister.” Liu Yinyin flashed an innocent smile, but it elicited a certain man’s displeasure.


Only I can accompany my woman to sleep; even a little lass like Liu Yinyin is no exception. Some things just have no room for discussion. If she goes to Beimin and clings onto Xi-er, I’ll throw her out of the residence. Perhaps sending her into the palace would be a rather good choice as well.

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