Lord Qian vigorously shook his head. “I don’t know! Prince Hao, please quickly kill me!” 


I really can’t take it anymore! My hands and feet are shackled by chains, so I can’t even kill myself by running into the wall. How much longer do I have to bear this kind of pain?


I know! I can just commit suicide by biting my tongue! 


Making up his mind, a crazed flicker ran through his eyes.. However, a cold voice had him freezing in place just as he was about to bite down.


“Have you thought about it properly? If this Prince doesn’t hear an answer from you, your whole family will follow you down.” His voice was firm, and the scent of fear permeated the air.


After a long while, an anguished voice escaped from Lord Qian’s throat. “Prince Hao, I’ll say it! I’ll tell you everything!” He paused for a moment before his gaze became distant, his memories returning to the night that Ning Rulan had brought the troops back after stabilising the war.


Su Xi-er’s breathing became shallower. The officials submitted the petition as soon as I returned, and I was immediately detained in the Celestial Prison. All of my loyal subordinates were kept away from me, and I was unable to calmly analyse the situation in my grief.


But now that I think about it again, the petition to punish me didn’t only concern Nanzhao. If even Situ Li, the imperial prince of another country, was involved, it can only mean one thing.


“Prince Hao, I indeed had dealings with Situ Li; even Prince Yun didn’t know about this. But Situ Li also had interactions with Prince Yun. The former travels in and out of Nanzhao a few times a year, and he mostly communicates through letters. The previous Eldest Imperial Princess was already a massive threat in Prince Yun’s heart that had to be eliminated sooner or later; Situ Li simply added to the flames and pushed the plan forward.” Lord Qian sighed and continued. “The condition Situ Li brought up was rejected by Prince Yun, and that was why he looked for me. However, I was loyal to Prince Yun then, and I didn’t promise him. Only when Prince Yun was still hesitating to make a move on His Majesty did I decide to collaborate with Situ Li.”


Pei Qianhao coldly stated, “Situ Li’s condition was that he would help you gain power, and you will lend him soldiers to attack Beimin.”


Lord Qian’s heart jolted. “Prince Hao, you already knew about it.”


“Xi-er.” Pei Qianhao softly called Su Xi-er, bringing out three silver needles from his sleeve.


Su Xi-er understood his intention. She took the silver needles and flicked her wrist, shooting them into Lord Qian’s three major death acupoints. Soon, his breathing stopped, and he died painlessly.


“A-Jing, I never expected the Third Imperial Prince…”


Pei Qianhao cut her off. “Sometimes, the more aloof a person seems, the more they actually care than others. After Situ Li’s Empress Mother was deposed, she died a tragic death in the palace, resulting in his resentment of the Pei Family. He secretly cultivated his strength, and he didn’t just collude with Nanzhao.”


“He also colluded with Xiliu and Dongling?” Su Xi-er asked.


“Xi-er, Lü Liu’s arrangements for your escape were supposed to be foolproof, yet it was still leaked." 


Su Xi-er’s pupils constricted. “It was related to Situ Li? Yun Ruofeng should already have deployed all the necessary personnel before then.”


“Xi-er, regardless of how the world views this Prince, I will still move against Situ Li.” Pei Qianhao caressed her hair as a ruthless look flickered past his eyes.


“A-Jing, I won’t let him off either. He disrupted Nanzhao’s court and intended to attack Beimin. However, what I can’t stand for most of all is everyone talking badly about you.” Su Xi-er grasped his hand, her eyes full of determination.


Suddenly, Ning Lianchen walked in and saw that Lord Qian was already dead.


“Lianchen, I killed him. Announce it on the noticeboard right away. As for his family members, just let them off.” Su Xi-er’s gaze deepened.

Even if he did revolt, we can’t really subject him to the nine familial exterminations. There’s no need to implicate the innocent.

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