From the very beginning, Liu Yinyin’s kiss had been very innocent, purely seeing him as her family and something that belonged to her. After losing her family once, she had become more possessive.


Ning Lianchen’s gaze darkened. So this was the reason she tried all sorts of methods to climb onto my bed; and it is also why she kissed me. It was actually me who was having wild thoughts about the feelings between men and women from the start. I’m so ridiculous.


“Elder Brother Lianchen, I have kissed you. Kiss me too, and we can go to sleep. That was what my parents always did.” Liu Yinyin cheerily said.


Ning Lianchen softly replied with an affirmative, then planted a kiss on her face. “Go to sleep, Yinyin.”


Liu Yinyin obediently closed her eyes and snuggled her body closer towards him. Finally, she fell into a deep slumber in his embrace, still smiling even in her dreams.


The next day, Ning Lianchen and Pei Qianhao inspected the soldiers’ training. After they were done and issued their instructions, they boarded the horse carriage and headed for the capital.


The news of Lord Zhu and Lord Qian’s revolt had spread like wildfire. People within and outside the capital knew about it. The residences of the two officials were pasted with seals, and their wives and daughters were detained by the government office to wait for a verdict.


Despite the turmoil in the court, no one had expected that the two old officials would actually choose this path. These two people used to take orders from Prince Yun, but they have met with such an end now. 


All of a sudden, Yun Ruofeng’s former subordinates were petrified, worried that Ning Lianchen would suddenly make a move on them.


The horse carriage stopped in front of the Ministry of Justice, and Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er alighted the carriage first. Ning Lianchen would bring Liu Yinyin to the posthouse and make arrangements for her before returning.


Although the Chief Minister of Justice, Li He, was Yun Ruofeng’s subordinate in the past, he was someone who served the country, and not the monarch. He would work for whoever had the capability. His principle was: as long as Nanzhao is great, everything will be great.


After Yun Ruofeng’s death and with Ning Lianchen’s growth as an emperor, Li He had gradually become impressed.


However, the person Li He admired the most was Ning Rulan. Although she was a woman, she didn’t pale in comparison at all to men. In fact, she even outperformed them in most areas, but was too brilliant for her own good. Many of the court officials were jealous and angry at a woman holding such a great amount of power.


When Li He saw Pei Qianhao, he bowed respectfully. “Paying respects to Prince Hao. Why is His Majesty not around?”


“His Majesty has some important matters. This Prince will interrogate the sinful official first.”


Li He was put in a difficult spot. “Prince Hao, Lord Qian was an old official of Nanzhao. Even if we interrogate him, it shouldn’t be something for you to be involved in.”


Su Xi-er laughed out loud. “Lord Li, what you said is right. However, Lord Zhu and Lord Qian colluded to take not only His Majesty’s life, but also Prince Hao’s. Tell me, can Prince Hao just leave this matter alone?”


“This…” Li He was speechless. After a while, he finally shifted to the side. “Of course he can’t. Prince Hao, Princess Consort Hao, please.”


Inside the Celestial Prison, Lord Qian was clad in white prisoner’s clothes. His hair was dishevelled and covering his eyes, while his legs were shackled by iron chains.


As Su Xi-er walked into the prison, she suddenly felt as if a whole lifetime had passed. The Celestial Prison I was detained in was in the imperial palace. After Lianchen took control of the court, he abolished the imperial palace’s Celestial Prison and moved it to the Ministry of Justice.


Hearing the footsteps, Lord Qian opened his eyes, but his legs immediately trembled upon noticing Pei Qianhao. “Prince Hao, I beg of you. Please give me a quick and easy death!”


“If you answer truthfully, this Prince will do so.”


Lord Qian had already been tortured to his limits. I can’t take Li He’s strict new punishment anymore! Even if my body is unharmed, my mind can’t take it anymore; I am constantly anxious and scared, and I can’t feel anything but despair!


“Prince Hao, please quickly ask!”  

Pei Qianhao’s voice was cold as his eyes dimmed. “Did you have secret dealings with Beimin’s Third Imperial Prince, Situ Li? Back then, when the officials were submitting the petition to take away Ning Rulan’s life, did Situ Li add to the flames?”

Su Xi-er’s eyes slightly narrowed. Was the matter of me getting incarcerated and executed related to Situ Li?

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