Su Xi-er kicked him. “You are the one who really wants it.”


“Xi-er, I’m already being so open; of course I want it.” Pei Qianhao planted a trail of kisses along her cheeks before finally capturing her fragrant lips.


The words Su Xi-er wanted to say died in her throat as Pei Qianhao lifted her chin up. Her mouth was slightly parted, and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue in. At the same time, his hands didn’t remain idle, instantly wandering towards her inner robes as he began kneading her body.


Under his attack, she felt as if her body had turned into water. A pleasant moan escaped from her lips, and as her legs were lifted, her mind also became blank as she accepted him. The atmosphere inside the army tent became fiery, a stark contrast to the frigid outdoors.




Liu Yinyin stared at the ceiling of the army tent as she lied in bed. Her mind was filled with the chaotic noises that she had heard earlier. Badly frightened, she had run to the drill grounds before hiding in one of the empty hollow tree trunks; she hadn’t been able to stop her shivering as the frigid winds blew at her.


“Yinyin, sleep. I’ll watch you.” Ning Lianchen softly coaxed her as he reached out his hand to caress her head.


“I’m scared. I want to sleep with Fairy Elder Sister.” I don’t want to sleep by myself tonight.


“Fairy Elder Sister has a husband; she naturally can’t accompany you to sleep.”


“She clearly promised me.” Liu Yinyin’s eyes were full of disappointment.


Ning Lianchen softly said, “Yinyin, I’ll accompany you tonight.”


Liu Yinyin’s heart skipped a beat. “You’re going to sleep with me tonight?”


“Mmm…” Before Ning Lianchen could finish speaking, she interrupted him, her hands wrapping around the quilt before lifting it. “Since you’re going to accompany me to sleep, then be fast. It’s cold outside.”


Ning Lianchen’s face immediately darkened. This lass is overthinking again. I’ll only watch her fall asleep while sitting here, and I’ll do it for the entire night.


“Aren’t you going to sleep? Why aren’t you moving? You’re lying to me again.” Liu Yinyin put the blanket down and unhappily harrumphed. “I’ll sleep alone. You don’t have to worry; after all, we’re going to be separated.”


Ning Lianchen looked at her, suddenly feeling as if he couldn’t understand her. She’s clearly only 10, yet she still speaks in such a mature manner at times.


After a long while, Liu Yinyin heard some movements from beside her. Thinking that he had stood up and was about to leave, her heart felt a little uncomfortable. However, she felt the quilt being lifted up a moment later, and Ning Lianchen climbed in after having removed his outer robes.


With her back pressed against him, Liu Yinyin’s eyelids fiercely twitched. She immediately turned her head and saw his handsome face magnified before her eyes. “You…” 


He really climbed onto the bed! All those times I tried to climb onto his bed were futile, but now, he has taken the initiative.


Liu Yinyin was suddenly reminded of how her parents had hugged her to sleep. By doing this, it means that he is treating me as his family.


Liu Yinyin felt a warm and fuzzy feeling in her heart. She immediately turned around and darted into Ning Lianchen’s embrace, pressing against him even more tightly. “Elder Brother Lianchen, you’re my only family.”


Ning Lianchen softly replied as his hands rested on her back. “Mmm, you have family.”


“I’m so happy.” Liu Yinyin raised her head and kissed his chin.


“Yinyin, don’t fool around.” Ning Lianchen immediately moved away from her. 


What on earth is stored in this head of hers?!


“When my parents hugged me to sleep, they would kiss my face, and I would kiss their chin. Aren’t you my family?” Liu Yinyin felt wronged as she pouted.

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