“A-Jing.” Su Xi-er softly called him before caressing his cheeks.


“Xi-er, kiss this Prince if you’re touched.” Pei Qianhao rubbed his forehead against hers and intimately made the suggestion, ignoring that Ning Lianchen was present.


To Ning Lianchen, however, those words were just another sign of Pei Qianhao’s sincere feelings for his sister. Thus, he tactfully turned to leave.


Suddenly, a soldier frantically came forth. “Reporting to Prince Hao, Miss Yinyin is not in the army barracks.”


The warm and cosy atmosphere was immediately destroyed, and Su Xi-er furrowed her brow. She’s missing again, and it definitely wasn’t her own decision this time! If she’s disappeared, could it mean that someone had been secretly waiting to strike?


Ning Lianchen felt as if his heart was being tightly squeezed. I just found her, and now she’s missing again. Before he had even finished sorting through his thoughts, his legs were already anxiously carrying him towards the army barracks.


“A-Jing, let’s quickly go and take a look.” Su Xi-er immediately followed Ning Lianchen, leaving Pei Qianhao to swiftly grab onto her as they hastily left. Even though it’s a small mountain, the way down is still slippery. What if she accidentally falls?


The soldiers were in the process of scouring all the army tents when they finally arrived, but there were still no signs of Liu Yinyin. Afterwards, Pei Qianhao dispatched the soldiers to comb the surrounding area.


Su Xi-er found it strange. Even if we mobilised the troops to encircle the bandits, there were still soldiers who were left behind to guard the army barracks; it’s impossible for a traitor to have done it. Could it be that Yinyin was scared and hid herself in a place she thought was safe?


With that in mind, Su Xi-er gave the barracks another meticulous search before finally heading to the drill grounds. There was a sandpit in the middle, as well as some hollow trunks that were used for training. That being said, she immediately noticed that one of the trunks was shaking, and turned to walk towards it.


Pei Qianhao quickly followed and came across the same scene. “The little lass is hiding in there.”


“Yinyin, it’s alright now. Quickly come out.” Su Xi-er stood in front of the hollow trunk. After the sound of some frantic movements, Liu Yinyin’s small figure darted out while still shivering in fear.


“Fairy Elder Sister, I’m scared.”


Su Xi-er went forward and hugged her. “Don’t be scared. Lianchen was very anxious when we heard you were missing. All of us were worried sick.”


“Fairy Elder Sister, was my dad killed by those people?” Liu Yinyin shuddered, a tear glistening from the corner of her eyes. 


I was able to hear everything that went on outside just now, but I was left all alone in the big and empty army tent.


“Yinyin, the villains who killed your dad are already dead. Come on, let’s go and see Lianchen together.” Su Xi-er held her hand and took her out of the military drill grounds.


Pei Qianhao followed behind, watching as the moonlight washed over the two people in front of him.. He felt like there was an inexplicable aura overflowing from Su Xi-er. 


This is probably what people call a motherly halo.


When she gives birth to a daughter in the future, I’ll watch them walk from behind. 


The corners of his mouth gradually curved up at the thought. When we return to Beimin, I must make sure that her body is properly nourished. As long as I can restrain myself for three months, everything else will be fine.


Meanwhile, Su Xi-er was unaware that Pei Qianhao had contemplated so many matters in such a short amount of time.


By the time they reached the centre of the army barracks, Ning Lianchen had received the news of Liu Yinyin’s reappearance.


When he saw Liu Yinyin, he felt as if his suspended heart could finally be relieved, but he still put on a solemn expression. “Yinyin, where did you run off to?”


Liu Yinyin trembled and ducked behind Su Xi-er before peeking her head out, staying quiet as she nervously peeked at Ning Lianchen.

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