When Liu Yinyin’s expression had returned to normal, Su Xi-er entered the army tent with a basin of hot water.


“Fairy Elder Sister, I’ll do it myself.” Liu Yinyin hopped down from the chair, and took a handkerchief before wiping herself down. It wasn’t long before she was finished and setting the handkerchief down beside the basin.


“Yinyin, go and rest first. I’ll accompany you to sleep later.” Su Xi-er took the basin of water and turned to leave the army tent.


Liu Yinyin thought that Su Xi-er would come back soon, but after waiting for an hour, it was Ning Lianchen who came instead.


Her tiny body scrambled up from the bed. “Elder Brother Lianchen, why did you come?”


“Fairy Elder Sister won’t be coming tonight.” Ning Lianchen stated as he sat beside the bed.


Liu Yinyin blinked her eyes. “I’ll sleep by myself then. Go out.”


“I’ll watch you sleep.”


Liu Yinyin became solemn and rigidly remarked, “Elder Brother Lianchen, I didn’t know that you were that kind of person.”


Ning Lianchen furrowed his brow, and he raised his hand to caress her head. “Don’t let your thoughts run wild. I’ll leave after you have fallen asleep.”


“Forget it; I wanted you to accompany me to sleep when we were in the imperial palace, but now… Hmph, you said that you didn’t want to, but you really do.”


Hearing her last sentence, Ning Lianchen’s eyelid twitched, and his face immediately darkened. “Yinyin, why do you learn the bad things but not the good things? How are you going to marry in the future?”


“Don’t use marriage to deceive me. If I can’t get married, I’ll just give it up. When I return five years later, I’ll nibble on you for an entire lifetime.” Liu Yinyin put her faith in Su Xi-er’s words. Five years later, there will be no one to fight over the candy with me.


“Yinyin, be obedient when you reach Beimin. Now that Nanzhao is unstable, I won’t be able to take proper care of you if you stay by my side.” Ning Lianchen’s voice softened.


“I know. Fairy Elder Sister said that it would take at most five years for you to become very powerful. At that time, if I really can’t get married, will you allow me to nibble on you for an entire lifetime?” Liu Yinyin raised her head to look at him earnestly.


“If that’s really the case, I’ll raise you for an entire lifetime.”


Liu Yinyin put out her pinky finger. “Let’s make a pinky promise.”


Ning Lianchen reached out his hand and hooked his pinky finger with hers.


“Elder Brother Lianchen, since you really want to, you can accompany me to sleep today.” Liu YInyin giggled as she hooked her arms around his neck.


“Stop messing around; be obedient.” Ning Lianchen reached out his hand to stop her. 


What is going on in that brain of hers today? When we saw that man and woman in the mountains, I should have also covered her ears instead of just her eyes.


Suddenly, hasty footsteps and loud yells could be heard from outside the army tent.


Ning Lianchen’s expression changed. “Yinyin, stay here and don’t go out.” He then turned to walk out of the tent.


A soldier immediately came to report, “Your Majesty, there are a number of bandits ambushing us. Prince Hao ordered us to deal with it as an emergency.”


Ning Lianchen’s eyes were filled with a solemn look as he quickly walked forward, running into Su Xi-er who was making her way over.


“Lianchen, the Chief Minister of War and the Chief Imperial Censor are revolting. These two obstinate people have gained the upper hand by striking first.”


However, these two people are also foolish; acting without knowing that the 800 soldiers in these barracks are elite troops. Even if they dispatched a few thousand people, it still wouldn’t be enough to take these soldiers down.


Su Xi-er’s eyes revealed a trace of mockery as she turned to head back the way she came, Ning Lianchen following closely behind.


“Lianchen, I’ll go to the front while you take 200 soldiers from the military drill grounds and break their siege from behind the mountains.” Su Xi-er quickly gave some instructions before shouting her orders to the 300 soldiers behind her. “All of you are to leave from the left and encircle the enemy. Tonight, we’ll be going after a turtle caught in a jar ー an easy prey!”


The current Su Xi-er was emanating a harsh aura from her body, and her eyes were overflowing with coldness.

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