Da Zhu repeatedly nodded. “This peasant is willing to follow Prince Hao’s orders!”


Pei Qianhao’s gaze was cold as he placidly stated, “This Prince’s army does not lack soldiers.”


“This…” Da Zhu was at a loss of what to do, and could only look towards Su Xi-er.


“A-Jing, even if you don’t lack any, Nanzhao does. He has a decent build, and his personality is easy to get along with. If he properly learns, he will definitely be a good general.” Su Xi-er’s gaze then turned slightly cold as she looked at him. “Are you willing to enter Nanzhao’s army barracks? If you’re willing, I can put in a word with His Majesty.”


“Of course I am willing; however, I am the only son in my family, and my parents...”


Su Xi-er smilied. “Soldiers in the army barracks enjoy a monthly stipend. If your performance is outstanding, it’ll be enough to raise your parents. Besides, your house is not far away from the capital. If we exclude the emergency trainings, you can return home every 10 days.”


“Alright, thank you benefactor! Thank you!” Da Zhu’s heart was filled with gratitude.


I can truly enter the barracks, and there’s no longer any need to sneak gazes at them. Not only that, I can even use the monthly stipend to take care of my parents.


Suddenly, a delicate girl’s voice shouted, “Brother Da Zhu!”


Da Zhu turned around. It’s Yinyin!


There is an extremely handsome man beside her. His Majesty and Prince Hao entered the army barracks together, so this man has to be the reigning Emperor! To think that Yinyin is actually someone beside His Majesty!


Da Zhu was so shocked that his expression stiffened.


“Elder Brother Lianchen, this is my Brother Da Zhu. He’s a very nice person.”


Ning Lianchen gently flicked her forehead. “Randomly accepting people as your elder brother when you’re outside?”


“He’s indeed very nice.” Liu Yinyin was not willing to give in.


Su Xi-er took a step forward. “Your Majesty, from what I see, this person has a decent build. Why don’t we test him and conscript him into Nanzhao’s army barracks?”


Liu Yinyin was the first to cheer in agreement. “Elder Brother Da Zhu is very strong; he can definitely pass the test.”


“We’ll have to check whether he has the capability.” Ning Lianchen then looked towards Da Zhu. “Enter the army barracks now; Commander Wu from Beimin will personally assess you. If you pass, you can go back today to inform your parents before you enter Nanzhao’s army barracks tomorrow.”


“This peasant thanks Your Majesty!” Da Zhu immediately knelt in gratitude. Soon, a soldier appeared beside him before they departed to meet with Wu Ling.


“Fairy Elder Sister, when are you returning to Beimin? Don’t forget to take me away.”


Hearing Liu Yinyin express her intentions of leaving again, Ning Lianchen felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, and carefully pondered over it. It’s better for her if she leaves for now. Once I have completely stabilised the situation in the court and can sit on the Dragon Chair securely, I’ll bring her back.


“We’ll leave in a few days.” Su Xi-er smilingly replied. I can only be relieved and leave after I have punished those obstinate old ministers and cleanse the court.


“Alright, then I’ll leave with you in a few days. Fairy Elder Sister, where will you be staying today? I want to sleep with you.”


Pei Qianhao’s deep voice immediately escaped from his lips. “Tonight, Xi-er and this Prince will be staying in the army barracks together.”


Liu Yinyin continued to ignore Pei Qianhao’s expression. “I also want to stay in the army barracks.”


Ning Lianchen tugged on her sleeve. “Yinyin, don’t fool around.”


“Lianchen, you should stay in the army barracks today too. It will give you a chance to discuss with A-Jing on how to use soldiers.”


Liu Yinyin softly harrumphed. “He’s not free; there are many women in the palace waiting for him to pacify them. How can he possibly stay in the army barracks?”


“This Emperor will stay in the army barracks today.” Ning Lianchen coldly announced. 


This little lass is getting more and more out of hand. She could even talk about something like pacifying women out loud.


Hearing that Ning Lianchen would also be staying here, Pei Qianhao could rest assured that Liu Yinyin wouldn’t be able to climb onto Su Xi-er’s bed.


Seeing that the two were still at loggerheads with each other, she suggested, “Lianchen, take Yinyin around to play and return again when it’s mealtime.”

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