Pei Qianhao wrapped his arm around Su Xi-er, a playful look flickering across his eyes. “This little lass is interesting.”


“Her parents passed away early, so she is much more possessive. If she really does get together with Lianchen in the future, I’ll also be relieved.” Su Xi-er faintly remarked. Yinyin is pure and innocent. With her around, Lianchen will always have a safe harbour that he can retreat to, regardless of what conflict he is embroiled in.


At this moment, Liu Yinyin struggled free of Ning Lianchen and directly ran over to Su Xi-er’s side. Disregarding Pei Qianhao’s cold gaze, she hugged Su Xi-er. “Fairy Elder Sister, can I sleep with you today?”


Despite Pei Qianhao’s expression becoming even more foul, a certain untactful little lass didn’t pay him any attention. She felt like she had been wronged and was in low spirits, so she was capable of saying anything.


Su Xi-er caressed her head. “Alright, after you return to Beimin with me, you can sleep with me every day.”


Her words caused two men’s faces to darken, one being Ning Lianchen’s, the other being Pei Qianhao’s.


Ning Lianchen thoughts immediately flew into disarray. Yinyin is going to return to Beimin with Imperial Elder Sister.


Pei Qianhao thought, One night is not enough? She even wants to sleep with Xi-er every day? This lass is so bold; we definitely mustn’t bring her to Beimin.


Liu Yinyin retreated from Su Xi-er’s embrace and turned to glance at Ning Lianchen. “I’ll be going to Beimin with Fairy Elder Sister for five years. You must become a wise emperor while I’m gone!” Disregarding Ning Lianchen’s astonishment, she then turned around before saying, “I’m going to look for Brother Da Zhu.”


Before she could leave, however, Ning Lianchen quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her back. “What Brother Da Zhu? Where did you get so many elder brothers from?!” 


So it turns out that this little lass can get friendly and close with anyone. Does she just call any young man ‘elder brother’?


“Brother Da Zhu is very nice; he wanted to take me to the capital to play. Now that I can’t go anymore, I have to let him know.” Liu Yinyin tried to fling Ning Lianchen’s hand away as she spoke.


Su Xi-er watched as the two of them quarreled. Apart from me, Lianchen will only shed his emperor’s facade in front of Yinyin; he’ll be like a child, and have a joyful time messing around.


“Lianchen, now that you happen to be free, you should take Yinyin around for a stroll. I’ll go inform her Brother Da Zhu.” Su Xi-er said with a smile, but just as she took a step towards the entrance of the army barracks, Pei Qianhao stopped her.


“This Prince will let him know.” He then pulled her to the side as he strode forward.




Meanwhile, poor Da Zhu was unaware that two noblemen had taken note of him despite him not having done anything. He was currently standing beside the horse carriage, waiting for the verdict. Soon, he heard a series of steady footsteps. Lifting his head, he noticed a man donned in black robes embroidered with gold walking over.


The man’s gaze was deep, and he possessed a high-bridged nose. He gave off a mighty aura even as he leisurely made his way over, and every step he took was filled with power.


Da Zhu clenched his fists as he lowered his head and bowed. “This peasant pays his respects to…” Who is this person? He could only awkwardly pause when he realised that he didn’t know the name of the person before him.


“This Prince recognises that you have taken care of Yinyin; feel free to ask for whatever reward you desire.”


Hearing the words ‘this Prince’, Da Zhu was so frightened that his eyes became blank. A moment later, his knees hit the ground with a thud, reverence filling his eyes. “To think that you’re Prince Hao of Beimin!” Da Zhu’s eyes were incredulous as he tried to organise his thoughts after this bizarre occurrence.


I have really seen Prince Hao of Beimin, the person I worship the most! He won everyone’s respect and praise in battle by winning despite the enemy’s superior numbers. Although everyone says that he’s a cruel and heartless person, I feel that men should be more like Prince Hao - gallant, decisive, and ready to be the first to charge!


Su Xi-er discerned the reverence in Da Zhu’s eyes and couldn’t help but propose, “Look at his robust body; why don’t we let him enter the army barracks and take the examination to become a soldier?”

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