To think that such words came out of the mouth of someone so young. Su Xi-er’s heart went out to her as she slowly caressed her head. “Yinyin, why wouldn’t Lianchen not dote on you? He simply has too many responsibilities to bear right now.” She pulled Liu Yinyin away and crouched down to look her in the eye. “Yinyin, why don’t you return to Beimin with me?”


Liu Yinyin was stunned for a moment before she shook her head. “I don’t want to.”


“If you don’t come to Beimin, you’ll have to return to the imperial palace. In any case, we can’t allow you to stay alone outside.”


“I don’t want to return to the imperial palace either.”


Su Xi-er pinched her cheeks. “Yinyin, be obedient. Give your Elder Brother Lianchen some time. Come to Beimin with me, and I’ll bring you back when you come of age. Is that alright?”


“I don’t want him anymore; I don’t wish to see him anymore. He snatched my dad away, and is only treating me well out of guilt.” She lifted her head to ask Su Xi-er, “Fairy Elder Sister, what does giving Elder Brother Lianchen some time mean?”


“Silly lass, you’re still young, and there are many matters you don’t understand. You’ll naturally understand when you come of age. Come with me to Beimin, and when you finally return, you’ll find that there will be no other women beside Elder Brother Lianchen. No one will fight with you for the candy.”


“There’s still five years before I come of age. If I give Elder Brother Lianchen five years, will he still dote on me like before?” Liu Yinyin’s eyes sparkled as she hesitantly asked.


Su Xi-er pinched her nose. “Of course, the candy will only belong to you alone; he naturally has to dote on you.” She grabbed Liu Yinyin’s hand. “Come, let’s return to the army barracks.”


Before Liu Yinyin could say anything, they suddenly heard a familiar male voice. “Yinyin.”


Liu Yinyin’s heart fiercely skipped a beat. Elder Brother Lianchen!


Ning Lianchen strode over with a mixture of joy and displeasure in his eyes.


Su Xi-er let go of Liu Yinyin’s hand before walking over to whisper in Ning Lianchen’s ear. “Don’t scare her; she’s still young. You have to coax her.” She then walked off.


Soon, it was only Liu Yinyin and Ning Lianchen.


Watching him step forward, Liu Yinyin began to take steps backwards in fear. When she could no longer do so, she could only lower her head and stare at her own feet to ignore him as a last resort.


“Yinyin, secretly sneaking out of the palace and leaving your whereabouts unknown is very fun, isn’t it?” Ning Lianchen’s voice was deep and filled with the might of an emperor.


Liu Yinyin continued staring at her feet and paid no attention to him.


“Speak, Yinyin.” Ning Lianchen was about to pull on her arm when she dodged to the side and continued staring at her feet.


This lass has always been chatty, yet she’s so taciturn today. I am very unused to this.


“Yinyin, return to the palace with me. You’re not allowed to secretly sneak out again, otherwise, I’ll harshly beat you.”


This time, Liu Yinyin finally responded, “I don’t want to go back. I don’t like it there.”


“Then where do you want to go?”


Liu Yinyin fidgeted in place for a few moments before she replied, “Elder Brother Da Zhu’s house.”


Ning Lianchen furrowed his brow. Since when did an Elder Brother Da Zhu appear? She calls me ‘Your Majesty’ in front of outsiders, but calls me ‘Elder Brother Lianchen’ in private. Yet, she has found another elder brother after staying outside for just a few days!


“Elder Brother Da Zhu treats me very well, and auntie and uncle do too. They give me everything fun and delicious, and I don’t have to worry about things being snatched away.” Liu Yinyin kept muttering, completely unaware of Ning Lianchen’s expression darkening.


“Yinyin, you’re not allowed to fool around. Return to the palace with me.” Disregarding her struggling against him, he directly carried her.


“Baddie! It’s possible for me to go back! But I want to eat candy!” Liu Yinyin shouted at him while hammering her fists at him.


Ning Lianchen stopped in his tracks and put her down. “I’ll take you to eat candy.”


Liu Yinyin tilted her head. “You are the candy.”


All of a sudden, Ning Lianchen didn’t know how to reply. Meanwhile, Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao had witnessed this scene while having been hiding in the dark all this time.

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