When Ning Lianchen heard the words ‘kidnapped by the human traffickers’, he felt as if his heart was being squeezed. 


Although Yinyin often fools around and acts friendly to others, Imperial Elder Sister is right that she won’t be easily tricked. However, I still can’t help but be worried.


“Lianchen, being anxious isn’t going to help anybody. If you knew this would happen, why didn’t you properly take care of her to begin with?”


“Imperial Elder Sister, I understand what you’re getting at. After we find her, I will definitely dispatch the palace guards to guard over her.”


Su Xi-er nodded, a plan already coming together in her mind. After we find Yinyin, I won’t let her remain in Nanzhao. Lianchen has just risen to power, and has yet to mature. With how many court issues are piling up day after day, he won’t have time to take care of Yinyin.


An hour later, Pei Qianhao walked into the army barracks in the suburbs, prompting their general to bow and greet him. “This subordinate pays his respects to Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao raised his hand. “You may rise. This Prince came to check on you today. Even if you are in Nanzhao, you must keep up with your training, and mustn’t become complacent.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” The general deferentially replied before turning back to continue instructing the other soldiers in their training.


Pei Qianhao and Ning Lianchen walked into the tent together, while Su Xi-er ordered Wu Ling to  begin to spread the news. It wasn’t long before it caught the ears of some curious children.


Two hours later, everybody within and outside the capital knew that Prince Hao had come to Nanzhao, and that he had entered the army barracks together with the Emperor to inspect the soldiers. 


On the other hand, this piece of news shocked the officials terribly, especially Lord Zhu and Lord Qian. We had a perfectly drafted plan, yet we’re suddenly informed that His Majesty is with the soldiers training in the suburbs!


Done so secretly, and right under our noses at that. Fortunately, we haven’t started acting yet. Since that’s the case, we will have to improve our plan and make it more meticulous.




10 kilometres away from the suburbs, Liu Yinyin was watching an auntie harvest vegetables from the field. The former was dressed in light yellow coarse clothes, with her hair braided into two pigtails; her spirited eyes still shone, even now.


“Yinyin, pick some vegetables back and fry them plain. Once your uncle returns, we can start eating.”


Seeing the auntie’s smiling visage, Liu Yinyin obediently replied, “Alright, auntie.”


The auntie couldn’t help but sigh when she saw how obedient Liu Yinyin was. This lass looks rather decent, but I don’t know what happened to her. She kept her lips zipped when I asked about her parents and family. Despite being very gentle and obedient, she’s extremely taciturn. My spouse immediately decided to take her in when he saw how pitiful she was.


There are a few hectares of field that our family manages, along with a few stone houses. My husband transports the firewood, while my son is over 20 years old and in his prime. Raising this little lass and providing her with sustenance isn’t a problem.


Picking up the wicker basket, the auntie waved at Liu Yinyin. “Come, let’s go home.”


Hearing the word ‘home’, Liu Yinyin was stunned for a moment before returning to normal. She then quietly followed the auntie to the east side of the village.


Just as they passed the palisade around the house, the auntie’s son, Da Zhu, was returning from selling firewood with a carrying pole on his shoulders. “Mum, I learned of some incredibly big news when I went to the capital today!” Da Zhu was visibly excited, as if he had heard an astoundingly joyous matter.


“What could you have seen? The most I can think of is a spacious horse carriage.”


Da Zhu heartily laughed, and his eyes darted to Liu Yinyin. “Yinyin, guess what I found out?”


Noticing that Liu Yinyin was unmoved, the auntie immediately pushed her son. “The little lass is tired today, and needs some rest. Don’t disturb her.”


“Brother Da Zhu, what did you see?” Worried that she would dampen Da Zhu’s high spirits, Liu Yinyin decided to play along.

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