With Prince Yun dead, his former subordinates won’t be leading a good life.


“He definitely won’t! If I really return to my hometown, I’m afraid that I’ll only be killed by the pursuers His Majesty sends. When driven to our wits’ end, we can only…” Lord Zhu paused and whispered something to Lord Qian.


“Lord Zhu, we can only do this now. His Majesty will definitely be entertaining Prince Hao, and since he didn’t order the Imperial Kitchen to prepare food and wine for tonight, he must be planning on leaving the palace. That is our chance to act.”


“Alright, then let’s do just that! At that time, we’ll push all the blame to Prince Hao.” Lord Zhu’s eyes were filled with ruthlessness. 


Everyone says that Prince Hao is ruthless and heartless; they’ll probably buy the story if we claim that he killed His Majesty.


Immediately after, the two walked into the study and meticulously strategised how they were going to assassinate Ning Lianchen and push the blame onto Pei Qianhao. Unfortunately for them, they were blissfully unaware that they had already become the target of a certain someone’s revenge.




Inside the horse carriage, Su Xi-er looked at Ning Lianchen. “You should deal with the Chief Minister of War and the Chief Imperial Censor soon.”


“Imperial Elder Sister, I’ll naturally punish them. I have already secretly sent people to obtain evidence of their corruption, but there’s still not enough evidence.”


Su Xi-er’s eyes glinted. “By the time all the evidence has been collected, they would have already revolted. They disrespect the imperial authority, and have no regard for propriety; why do you still need to search for more evidence? Lianchen, you are sometimes too benevolent.” 


Some people are too evil, and must be punished. Even if we don’t take their lives, we have to destroy any power that they possess.


“Imperial Elder Sister, I understand.” Ning Lianchen replied with a deep gaze. 


An emperor can’t escape from bloodshed. What Imperial Elder Sister said is right; we should be ruthless when we need to.


Ning Lianchen looked at the passers-by on the streets through the gap of the curtain. I wonder where Yinyin is.


“A-Jing, let’s go to where the 800 elite troops are camping at.”


Ning Lianchen was confused. Why are we going there? I don’t plan to deploy those 800 elite troops. The current Nanzhao is not ready for a war to break out.


“Let’s go there then.” Pei Qianhao instantly understood her intention. There are capable detectives among the elite troops; they’ll be able to find Liu Yinyin with even the tiniest clue.


However, Su Xi-er’s thoughts were in fact completely different from Pei Qianhao’s. “Nobody in the suburban area that the elite troops are camping at knows that they belong to A-Jing. Why don’t we just make use of the current situation? We can say that Your Majesty has stationed numerous elite soldiers in the suburbs to protect the civilians in the capital city from danger. Not only will this threaten the overly ambitious officials in court, we can also use this chance to search for Yinyin.”


Ning Lianchen finally understood. Imperial Elder Sister’s strategy is really amazing! Deliberately feigning that a battalion of elite troops is ready at all times will apply pressure to the officials without requiring us to actually mobilise them. 


Su Xi-er continued. “Even if Yinyin has left, she will still miss you in her heart; after all, you have been her only family ever since her parents passed away. You can release the news that you’re heading to the army barracks to survey the soldiers' training. As long as Yinyin is in the vicinity, she will definitely secretly run over to peep on you.”


Pei Qianhao stared at her twinkling eyes as she excitedly elaborated on the details of the strategy. To think that she was able to plan something like this down to the last detail in such a short time. Moreover, it will all be done without expending a single soldier.


I’m proud that my woman is so smart; in fact, only I can beat her in this aspect. Pei Qianhao’s heart was filled with delight. Every man had a vain facet to them, and he was not an exception.


“Imperial Elder Sister, if Yinyin doesn’t come, it would suggest that she’s no longer near the capital.”


Su Xi-er shook her head. “She wouldn’t have gone far. Although she’s pure and innocent, she’s not silly. She won’t easily trust others, and let herself get kidnapped by the human traffickers.”

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