Without waiting for Pei Qianhao to reply, Ning Lianchen muttered, “Imperial Elder Sister, the priority right now is to find Yinyin; otherwise, I won’t be able to face Grand Tutor Liu in the afterlife. I have already sealed the news of Yinyin’s disappearance, but none of the people I’ve dispatched to search for her in secret have reported back.”


As an emperor, every one of my actions is watched by the officials. If they discover me missing from the imperial palace, it would undoubtedly have them asking questions. Besides, finding Yinyin is not something that can be done in one day.


“Lianchen, now that A-Jing and I have come to Nanzhao, you must properly entertain us. Which official would dare to object?” Su Xi-er took Pei Qianhao’s hand and smiled. “Dress in casual clothes and secretly investigate.”


Pei Qianaho nodded, then looked towards Ning Lianchen. “Your Majesty, you should make preparations to begin searching tomorrow. Only when Nanzhao’s matters are resolved can Xi-er be relieved.”


“Imperial Elder Sister, sorry for making you worry.” Ning Lianchen’s voice was laced with guilt.


“Lianchen, you bear a huge responsibility on your shoulders. Since the court is unstable, I will definitely assist you. You have to perform better than not only Emperor Father, but every emperor in Nanzhao’s history. Do you understand?” Su Xi-er raised her left hand and curled it into a fist.


Ning Lianchen immediately raised his right hand and wrapped it around her right fist. “Imperial Elder Sister, I will work hard.” He then turned into the inner chamber and replaced his Dragon Robes with a set of ordinary clothing.


“A-Jing.” Su Xi-er turned around, only to find a splash of displeasure in his gaze. He must be jealous.


Thus, Su Xi-er could only raise her hand and wrap it around his. “You’re such an enormous jealous jar of vinegar.”


“Xi-er, this Prince is a little jealous of Ning Lianchen.” Pei Qianhao lowered his head and gazed deeply at her. 


I’m jealous that Ning Lianchen has accompanied her for such a long time. Even if I know that they are siblings, my heart still feels uncomfortable.


“Are you going to get jealous of your own children in the future?” Su Xi-er bantered.


Pei Qianhao grinned and pecked her lips. “I will treat our child extremely well, but the condition is that he can’t snatch you from me.”


“Jeez, you’re like a child.” Su Xi-er poked his forehead.


Soon, Ning Lianchen emerged in his nondescript clothes. Then, the three of them boarded an ordinary horse carriage and left from the back gate of the imperial palace.




Pei Qianhao’s arrival had left several officials in a state of panic, and they were all attempting to deduce his reasons for coming. Among the most worried was the Chief Minister of War, Lord Zhu, and the Chief Imperial Censor, Lord Qian. 


In a moment of impulse, Lord Zhu had impetuously tossed his black official’s headwear to the ground. Now, he was left mulling over how he would seize control over what remained of Prince Yun’s military power.


It was at this moment that a family servant came to report. “Patriarch, Lord Qian has come to the residence.”


Lord Zhu immediately raised his hand and sprung up from the chair. “Quickly, lead him in.”


“This lowly one will get to it right away.” The family servant soon brought Lord Qian into the main hall of the Zhu Residence.


Only after everyone was dismissed did Lord Qian start speaking. “Prince Hao’s reason for coming to Nanzhao this time is definitely not simple. You and I have been officials for many years, yet you lost your position just like that. Even Prince Yun didn’t treat you like that when he was still alive. His Majesty’s methods are really bitterly disappointing to us old officials.”


Lord Zhu snorted. “He’s simply slaughtering the chicken as a warning to the monkey; punishing me first as a deterrence to others. As for the other officials who have been around for many years, I’m afraid their good days are coming to an end.”


“Lord Zhu, you and I have always been on the same boat. Back then, both of us were the ones leading the proposal to put Ning Rulan to death. Now that His Majesty has obtained power, do you think he’ll let us off when he had a good relationship with Ning Rulan?” Lord Qian tightly knitted his brows. 

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