Some of the officials’ faces immediately turned ashen. Such cold and ruthless management methods from Beimin are really not suitable to be applied in Nanzhao. Besides, Nanzhao’s new policy focuses on benevolent governance, and such cruel methods would only be counterproductive!


“Prince Hao, Nanzhao practises benevolent governance. However, hearing your suggestion makes this Emperor consider a system that is both forgiving and harsh; we can’t just keep indulging people.” Ning Lianchen’s voice was crisp, his gaze deliberately flicking towards several select officials.


The targeted officials trembled, and their breathing involuntarily became shallower.


Su Xi-er grabbed Pei Qianhao’s hand. “Let’s enter the palace; it’s cold outside.”


“Alright.” Pei Qianhao squeezed her hand, all remnants of his coldness gone. One would even be able to detect a trace of gentleness in his voice.


Ning Lianchen gestured at them to enter, and the three of them walked in, leaving the group of stunned officials behind. The wind suddenly became stronger, causing some of them to shiver in the cold. Some officials sighed before boarding their own carriages and returning home, no longer in the mood to discuss anything.




Inside the Emperor’s repose palace, Ning Lianchen dismissed the guards. Only when the three of them were left alone did he drop his facade and greet Su Xi-er.


“Lianchen, did something happen to Yinyin?” Su Xi-er got straight to the point.


Ning Lianchen nodded. “Despite the stringent security, she actually managed to leave the palace. I don’t know whether it’s because she’s too smart, or because I was too careless.”


Pei Qianhao replied, “Both.”


Su Xi-er immediately tugged at him. “Solving the problem is our current priority. We’ll talk about the reason after we find Yinyin. Lianchen, when I took you out of the palace during our childhood, we would often secretly sneak into the horse carriage transporting vegetables from the Imperial Kitchen.”


Ning Lianchen’s eyes lit up. “Maybe that’s how Yinyin left too. At the very least, we’ll have a lead to follow if we use the trail from the Imperial Kitchen’s vegetable transport carriage.”


Pei Qianhao’s coldly remarked again, “The little lass has legs; she can walk on her own. She must have hidden herself after leaving the palace. Your Majesty, are you sure you want to search for her and get her back?”


“Of course, I promised Grand Tutor Liu to take care of her until she comes of age. He gave his life for me, and I am very much indebted to him...”


Pei Qianhao interrupted him. “If that’s what you think, you might as well not search for her. It’s rather good for that little lass to live outside too.”


His words received Su Xi-er’s probing gaze. “A-Jing, did you send someone to secretly search for Yinyin?”


“No, I didn’t. How would this Prince have the time to do such a thing when I just arrived with you?” Pei Qianhao intentionally added. “The imperial palace isn’t an ordinary place. Isn’t it more carefree to live outside?”


Ning Lianchen understood his logic. It’s my fault that Yinyin has suffered many grievances in the palace; I didn’t take care of her properly. But I’m also worried about leaving her alone on the outside. What if she gets deceived?


Su Xi-er’s gaze kept darting between Ning Lianchen and Pei Qianhao before she finally said, “I’ll help you make the decision. Dispatch people to find Yinyin right away. After we find her, she will return to Beimin with me. I like this lass quite a lot.”


Ning Lianchen immediately refuted, “She can’t go back with you.” 


I found her noisy when she was around, but now that she’s not here, I can’t help but feel that there’s something missing.


“Why can’t she go back with me? Lianchen, do you like her?” Su Xi-er had always been straightforward when talking to Ning Lianchen.


Ning Lianchen felt as if his throat was blocked, and was unable to answer.


How could I possibly like a 10-year-old girl? I’m just not used to her absence. It’s that simple.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze deepened. I have to admit that these two siblings are very dense when it comes to their feelings. I kept hinting my feelings to Xi-er back then, but she still wasn’t moved. Thankfully, I expended a lot of effort, and she finally became my woman.


“Lianchen, if you like Yinyin, it’s all the more important that you get her back. She’s only six years younger than you; that’s nothing much. Wouldn’t you say so, A-Jing?” Su Xi-er turned to look at Pei Qianhao.

 Only then did Ning Lianchen realise that Su Xi-er had been calling Pei Qianhao ‘A-jing’. That’s probably his pet name.

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