Watching Ning Lianchen’s departing figure, the court officials’ eyes were still wide as they digested the news. Why did Prince Hao come to Nanzhao at such a critical juncture?! Only after a while did the officials return to their senses and follow Ning Lianchen to receive Pei Qianhao at the palace gate.


All of them ignored the Chief Minister of War as they passed by, causing him to grit his teeth in ire. How am I going to smoothly integrate Prince Yun’s remaining military power with Prince Hao around? Would Prince Hao interfere and mess things up?


At that thought, the Chief Minister of War began to regret his reckless behaviour just now. I offended His Majesty and threw my black official’s headwear to the ground. Now that Prince Hao is here, my plan to consolidate military power will definitely be affected.


Outside the vermillion-red palace gate, Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er had already alighted the horse carriage, and were standing side by side as they waited for Ning Lianchen.


15 minutes later, the gates slowly opened, and Ning Lianchen appeared in his Dragon Robes. Upon noticing his imperial elder sister, his eyes were filled with joy. I didn’t expect that Imperial Elder Sister would rush all the way here to Nanzhao despite not replying to my letter!


Ning Lianchen sped up his pace and soon stopped before the two of them, but with the court officials around, he had to maintain the authority of an emperor. “Prince Hao, why didn’t you inform this Emperor before coming to Nanzhao?”


Pei Qianhao slowly replied, “You once invited this Prince and the Princess Consort to Nanzhao when we were married. Recently, this Prince happened to have some free time, and the Princess Consort also likes drinking the Jade Dew Nectar wine in Nanzhao, so we decided to come and impose on you for a few days.”


“How could you call that imposing on me? Prince Hao, it is Nanzhao’s honour to have you here. Do quickly enter the palace! The Imperial Kitchen will immediately prepare some delicious wine and dishes.” Ning Lianchen revealed a cordial smile and extended his hand to welcome them in as he spoke.


As he did so, Su Xi-er immediately surmised the situation after sweeping her gaze across the gathered officials. There is a mix of good and bad officials in the crowd, while some used to be Prince Yun’s subordinates. There are even a few present who aggressively submitted a memorial, stating that I was creating disorder in the Ning Imperial Family because of my minority bloodline.


It was inconvenient for me to deal with them last time I was here, but now I’m going to punish them all at once. Let’s see who dares to meddle with Lianchen’s reign in the future!


Sensing Su Xi-er’s cold gaze, the officials couldn’t help but lift their heads to look at her, only to be stunned when they realised who she was. 


This is Princess Consort Hao? Isn’t she the maidservant who was following Prince Hao during Nanzhao’s state banquet?


That lowly maidservant climbed up to become Princess Consort Hao just like that! Prince Hao blatantly disregards the rules too much! 


Disapproval was clear in the eyes of many officials. Regardless of how intelligent, capable, and pretty this maidservant is, the blood that flows in her is ultimately still lowly.


Easily recognising the look in their eyes, Su Xi-er purposely said, “Your Majesty, did you chide the Nanzhao’s officials in the Golden Throne Room just now? Why are all of them looking at me with a dark expression?”


The officials immediately came to their senses and quickly subdued their expressions. Prince Hao is present, and she’s already Princess Consort Hao. We can just discuss it privately.


Pei Qianhao surveyed the officials and resoundingly said, “In Beimin, if a subject refuses to obey the imperial authority, they will just be dragged out and executed. If any dare to follow, they will quickly meet the same fate. Your Majesty, although this method may be a bit extreme, this Prince believes that you will find it quite effective if you try it out; nobody will dare to disobey any longer.”

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