The soldier at the lead immediately knelt with one knee as he deferentially bowed, “Paying respects to Prince Hao. This subordinate will report to His Majesty.”


Only when he heard a soft affirmative from within the carriage did the soldier dare to stand up and run towards the imperial palace.




Inside the Golden Throne Room, Ning Lianchen was seated on the Dragon Throne while dressed in his Dragon Robes[1] and gazing at the officials kneeling in the hall. 


The officials had submitted a memorial for the Imperial Beauty Selection to proceed right away. In it, they had also requested for the daughter of the Chief Minister of War to enter the palace again. Not only that, they had also requested for Imperial Physician Fang’s daughter to enter the Female Selection Palace as well.


After selecting eight daughters from the officials to fill the imperial harem, they would choose two more women from among the commoners to pacify the civilians.


Ning Lianchen’s eyes were cold as he slapped his right hand against the armrest of the Dragon Throne, abruptly standing up. “Are all of you threatening this Emperor?”


Emperor Father began taking in women into the imperial harem when he was 15; made love to his first woman when he was 16; had his first child when he was 17; appointed an empress when he was 18; and had his first child die when he was 19. The same has been true for every past emperor of Nanzhao; they follow the rules and regulations.


But I don’t want to be forced to do things!


The officials lowered their head and unanimously chorused, “This humble subject doesn’t dare to, may Your Majesty reconsider.”


Ning Lianchen softly chuckled. “This Emperor insists on not doing what you want; we’ll discuss the matter of filling the imperial harem next time! If anyone still stubbornly wants to submit a memorial, he will be executed on the spot!” His voice was icy cold and firm.


The officials received a massive shock, with many of them quickly exchanging glances with one another. A moment later, the Chief Minister of War took the lead in stepping forth and bowed. “The Ning Imperial Family has hardly any descendants, and Your Majesty is the only one left after the Eldest Imperial Princess passed away during the tumultuous wartimes. By filling the imperial harem, we can bring a celebratory atmosphere to Nanzhao, as well as stabilise the court. After Prince Yun passed away, many generals and soldiers under him refuse to submit to Your Majesty. May Your Majesty reconsider.”


With the Chief Minister of War leading, the other officials concurred. “May Your Majesty reconsider!”


The words reverberated throughout the Golden Throne Room. Ning Lianchen narrowed his eyes, shooting out frigid looks as his fists tightly clenched. A moment later, he raised his hand and instructed the Imperial Army guards outside the hall. “The Chief Minister of War has aged, and should retire early and return to his hometown to recuperate. Guards, send the Chief Minister of War away from the court assembly.”


The officials were shocked. His Majesty removed the Chief Minister of War’s black official’s headwear! He’s too immature and impetuous, letting his emotions get the better of him!


Seeing how Ning Lianchen didn’t give him face, the Chief Minister of War bluntly exclaimed, “Your Majesty, this humble subject is loyal, and risked death to advise Your Majesty for the sake of Nanzhao. Yet, you reciprocated me in such a manner. You have bitterly disappointed the hearts of the officials, and even more than that, the hearts of the commoners!”


“Does this Emperor need to explain to you when issuing an edict?” Ning Lianchen countered, then swept his gaze across the other officials.


The Imperial Army guards outside the hall acknowledged the order and came in, preparing to drag the Chief Minister of War away.


“This humble subject can walk on my own! I hope Your Majesty won’t regret this in the future!” The Chief Minister of War coldly harrumphed before personally throwing his black official’s headwear onto the ground. 


It’s fine even if I lose my position as an official! His Majesty has yet to mature; once I have subdued Prince Yun’s remaining power, I will consolidate that with my own power and attack the imperial palace!


Back then, when Ning Lianchen was roping me in to please Prince Yun, his attitude wasn’t like this! 


The Chief Minister of War’s face darkened as he walked out of the Golden Throne Room.


A short while after he left, a soldier hastily ran into the hall and didn’t even have the time to bow before shouting, “Your Majesty, Prince Hao of Beimin has entered Nanzhao, and is currently outside the palace gates!”


The officials’ expressions immediately changed. Why has Prince Hao come to Nanzhao?!


Delight appeared on Ning Lianchen’s face, but he quickly stowed it away before walking down the steps. “This Emperor will personally receive Prince Hao.”

1. The designs vary according to dynasties, but they basically have patterns of dragon embroidered on the robes. Here’s just one of the many examples.

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