Ten minutes later, the auntie returned with a few pieces of baked sesame flatbread on a plate. Su Xi-er had left Pei Qianhao’s embrace, and smiled as she exclaimed, “It smells really fragrant.”


“It’s fine as long as you don’t disdain this crude baked flatbread from a farmer’s family. They aren't worth much. You can try eating to fill your stomach.” The auntie placed the tray on the table.


Su Xi-er picked up a piece and passed it to Pei Qianhao. “A-Jing, try some.”


Pei Qianhao didn’t reach out his hand to take it, and instead lowered his head to take a bite from the flatbread in her hands.


“The two of you married recently, right?” The auntie couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw their loving affection.


Su Xi-er stuffed the baked flat bread into Pei Qianhao’s hand and turned around. “You’re right, Auntie, we did just get married recently.”


“I knew it; newlyweds often act this way. There are still many days ahead of you, and I hope you can continue being affectionate with each other.” The auntie’s face was wreathed in smiles.


“Auntie, the baked flatbread you make is really delicious.” Su Xi-er took another piece and happily ate it.


Noticing the few sesame seeds beside her mouth, Pei Qianhao carefully helped her wipe them away.


When the two of them were done eating, the auntie took the plate back to the kitchen. It was at this moment that Wu Ling walked in and bowed, “After tailing that young man, this subordinate found him hanging out with some other wastrels in the village. He told them that two nobles were visiting his home, and proposed to rob you at night.”


Su Xi-er’s gaze flickered. How amusing that they’re actually planning to rob me; it must be the first time someone has the intention to rob A-Jing.


“This subordinate tied all of them to the tree trunks at the entrance of the village. I will release them in two hours.”


Su Xi-er laughed. “Wu Ling, you did well; you’ll be rewarded later.” He helped Auntie teach a lesson to her son, and reminded him to learn to be a good person in the future without hurting anyone’s life.


Afterwards, Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er washed up before returning to their room to rest. Two hours later, Wu Ling went to the village entrance and reprimanded the young men, only letting them go when they no longer dared to retort.


The night passed peacefully, and the next day, Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er bid goodbye to the auntie before continuing their journey to Nanzhao. They travelled practically non-stop for the next few days, only finding places to rest at night before finally reaching the capital of Nanzhao.


Only after the guards at the city gates inspected them could they enter the city, so Su Xi-er used the time to lift the curtain and watch the soldiers who were patrolling around.


“A-Jing, the officials should be at the court assembly right now. Should we go to the imperial palace now?”


Pei Qianhao nodded. “We should make use of this opportunity to enter the palace.”


Su Xi-er understood what he meant. The atmosphere in the capital is extremely tense, and the court is definitely in an impasse. If it can’t be solved internally, someone from the outside will have to break the standoff.


The horse carriage headed for the imperial palace, but when they arrived at the street that it was located on, a group of soldiers came forward and forced the carriage to stop. 


The soldier at the lead loudly hollered, “You’re not allowed to continue travelling forward! Security has been stringent for the past few days!”


Wu Ling immediately responded, “Audacious! Prince Hao of Beimin is sitting in the carriage; quickly report to the Emperor of Nanzhao to come out of the palace to receive him!”


The soldiers were half sceptical. When Prince Hao of Beimin came to the state banquet last time, he created much fanfare. How could he possibly have secretly entered Nanzhao’s capital this time? There is definitely something fishy. We mustn’t let them go without careful examination.


Hence, the soldier shifted his gaze and bowed. “Prince Hao, why didn’t you inform His Majesty beforehand that you were coming to Nanzhao? How can you expect this subordinate to believe that it is really you?”


Soon, a long arm reached out from within the curtain, bringing a gold waist tablet before the soldier’s rapidly widening eyes. 


It’s really Prince Hao of Beimin! He has come to Nanzhao!

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