The eunuch’s eyelid twitched when he heard Fang Lingdang’s words. He immediately turned to Ning Lianchen, only to find that the latter’s face lacked any expression. The look in his eyes was distant, but the eunuch couldn’t fathom what was running through his head.


“Your Majesty, you should return to your repose palace. It’s raining, and it’s cold at night. If the Eldest Imperial Princess were still around, her heart would ache for you.” His heart aching for Ning Lianchen, the eunuch couldn’t help but mention Ning Rulan as his last resort.


Reminded of his imperial elder sister, Ning Lianchen’s heart felt more comfortable. My Imperial Elder Sister has been living very blissfully. Since I haven’t received a reply to my letter, that means that Imperial Elder Sister won’t be interfering. As the Emperor of Nanzhao, I would be letting her down if I couldn’t even handle a minor matter like this.


“Return to the repose palace.” Ning Lianchen instructed and headed back to his room to rest.




After returning to her courtyard, Fang Lingdang sat at the edge of her bed in a daze. 


Even after Liu Yinyin is gone, he can only think of her. But he’s the Emperor, how is it possible for him to only have one woman? Besides, it will be at least another four years before Liu Yinyin’s period arrives. How could the officials possibly allow His Majesty to remain unmarried until he reaches 20? I’m afraid that he will have to appoint an empress when he turns 18, and there will only be even more women entering the imperial harem after that.


This generation of the Ning Imperial Family only has Ning Lianchen. For the sake of the Imperial Family, he definitely has to reproduce as soon as possible.


Fang Lingdang continued musing. I’ll be a joke if I get sent out of the palace tomorrow. I won’t be able to see him anymore, and I’ll even have to watch other women enter the palace to serve him. No, this won’t do! I have to go look for Daddy; he will definitely have a way!  

Fang Lingdang immediately changed into a set of clean clothes, grabbing an umbrella before walking to the Imperial Physician Institute by herself. 


A huge batch of medicinal herbs had been delivered to the palace a few days ago, and the Imperial Physician Institute had been busy organising them. Dad should have been staying in the Imperial Physician Institute for the past few days; I’ll go look for him now.


Fang Lingdang walked at a brisk pace, ignoring the rainwater pelting her body. When she walked into the main hall of the Imperial Physician Institute, there were a few groups of imperial physicians sorting out the medicinal herbs inside. 


They recognised Fang Lingdang, and were aware that Ning Lianchen doted on her quite a bit. Thus, they pointed deeper into the room when they caught sight of her. “Imperial Physician Fang is inside.”


Fang Lingdang gently said her thanks and walked into the inner chamber where her father was the only person present.


“Lingdang, why did you come?” Imperial Physician Fang was a bit shocked to see his daughter.


“Dad, His Majesty will be dispatching someone to send me back to the Fang Residence tomorrow.”


Imperial Physician Fang’s expression instantly changed. “What happened? Aren’t you and His Majesty doing well? Your dad has already prepared to have you take part in the Imperial Beauty Selection and send you into the Female Selection Palace. With the Chief Minister of War’s daughter chased out of the palace, you can take her position as an internally selected candidate.”


“Dad, you have to help me; I like His Majesty, and I don’t want to leave the palace. You still owe my mother and me for so many years; you must think of a way.” Fang Lingdang tightly clutched Imperial Physician Fang’s hand with an anxious expression.


Guilt overcame Imperial Physician Fang’s heart. Lingdang’s mother...sigh...I indeed owe them. She’s still in the small village, and I haven’t even brought her to the Fang Residence yet.


“Dad.” Fang Lingdang couldn’t help but urge again. 


Dad is my only hope now.

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