“No, that won’t do. Why don’t you bring this to His Majesty? I’ll wait outside the palace hall.” Fang Lingdang passed the white porcelain bowl to the guard, and faintly smiled at him in an educated manner.


Giving in, the guard could only take the bowl. “I’ll help you bring it to him, but don’t wait outside. His Majesty doesn’t want to see anyone right now, especially women. This was why the Chief Minister of War’s daughter got chased out of the palace.”


Fang Lingdang nodded. “Alright, I’ll leave.” She then turned to walk away.


After the guard went in to deliver the soup, Fang Lingdang turned back and hid around the corner in an attempt to listen to the conversation inside.


Just as the guard entered, Ning Lianchen coldly issued an order without even lifting his head. “Get out.”


“Your Majesty, Young Miss Fang has specially simmered soup for you. You should at least drink a little for the sake of your body.” The guard passed the small bowl to him.


Hearing the words ‘Young Miss Fang’, Ning Lianchen’s brows knitted again. We are currently at a critical juncture, and sending Fang Lingdang out of the palace may push Imperial Physician Fang to the Chief Minister of War’s side. With him having a rather significant position in the palace, the two of them entering an alliance would be trouble.


“Your Majesty, you should at least try drinking a little. Only when you’re invigorated can you deal with the court officials and search for Young Miss Yinyin.” The guard plucked up his courage to mention Liu Yinyin.


Ning Lianchen originally planned to instruct the guard to place the bowl down, but he changed his mind as soon as he heard Liu Yinyin’s name. That lass secretly left the palace, but she’s very pure and innocent, and doesn’t guard against anyone. She really knows how to make me worry! She’s too insensible!


“Carry it out. Tell Fang Lingdang never to come here again, and to properly stay in her repose palace.” Ning Lianchen coldly commanded.


Seeing Ning Lianchen’s dark expression, the guard could only bow and withdraw.


When Fang Lingdang saw the guard exiting with the white porcelain bowl still in his hand, her heart immediately sank. 


Liu Yinyin has already left, yet he still can’t let her go? What exactly does he feel towards Liu Yinyin? He clearly mentioned that he would find a good match for her to marry when she grows up, but if that’s really the case, why is he still so concerned with her?


Liu Yinyin is only 10, and her period hasn’t arrived yet. Meanwhile, mine already has, and I can already serve him. However, he pushes me a thousand miles away. I don’t want any status; I just want to stay by his side and attend to him. I just want to be his woman.


Fang Lingdang kept hiding at the corner, not leaving even when it was time for dinner. When the sky grew dark, roars of thunder could be heard in the distance, and lighting flashed brilliantly from the sky.


I remember the first time he carried me; I had waited outside for him for a whole night. My body couldn’t take it, and I passed out; only then did his heart soften.


I just want his heart to soften, but I’m afraid that even that isn’t possible. 


Fang Lingdang bit her lips as she continued standing there.


The sounds of the thunder became more deafening, and a massive downpour soon engulfed the area. The frigid rainwater pelted down upon Fang Lingdang, but she still didn’t budge a single inch.


Without his order, I can’t go in; I can only continue to wait outside.


Her legs were almost numb, and it was unclear how much time had passed before Ning Lianchen finally appeared from behind a eunuch. He carried an umbrella as he walked over and stopped before her.


“Your Majesty,” Fang Lingdang softly called.


“Fang Lingdang, this Emperor will dispatch someone to send you back to the Fang Residence for you to be a real Young Miss Fang.”


“Your Majesty, what have I done wrong? Don’t chase me away.”


“On the account of Imperial Physician Fang, I won’t punish you for everything you have done to Yinyin, but the imperial palace and this Emperor can no longer tolerate you.” Ning Lianchen raised his hand for a guard to lead her away.


Fang Lingdang was unresigned, and she tenderly asked, “Your Majesty, do you like Liu Yinyin?”


Ning Lianchen’s gaze flickered. Yinyin is only 10; how could I possibly like her? It is simply that I’m unable to let go of the guilt that I harbour towards her. Her parents died because of me, so I have to make it up to her. Even Grand Tutor Liu’s last wishes were that I take care of Yinyin.


“Your Majesty, I can tell that you like Liu Yinyin. However, you are the Emperor, and it’s impossible for the imperial harem to only have one woman!” Fang Lingdang desperately yelled before she was taken away by the guard.

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