“Isn’t it good that this Prince is older than you? Even if you were Ning Rulan, that fact wouldn’t change.” Pei Qianhao pinched her rosy cheeks.


“Sit here.” Su Xi-er snuggled against his chest and found herself a cosy position.


Worried that she wasn’t comfortable, Pei Qianhao carried her onto his lap. “Our trip to Nanzhao will be exhausting; just try to bear with it and sit on this Prince’s lap.”


Su Xi-er nodded with no reservations. “Have I gotten fat? I feel that I have grown more meat along my stomach and thighs these days.”


“Is that so? Let this Prince touch.” Pei Qianhao said with a natural expression. He then touched her abdomen, and after kneading it a few times, he purposely nodded. “Indeed, you have grown more meat. You didn’t eat all of that good food in vain.”


Immediately after, he pinched her thigh and muttered to himself, “You didn’t grow any meat on your legs.” His hand also gradually moved inwards.


Su Xi-er immediately put her legs together. “Don’t mess around; we’re in the carriage.”


“Xi-er, your shirt is open.”


Su Xi-er immediately lowered her head and realised that the sash of her clothes had indeed unknowingly come undone, her now visible neckline faintly revealing the beautiful scene within. She instantly tied her sash and shot a glance at him. “You’re not allowed to fool around.”


Pei Qianhao whispered into her ear, “We’ll do as you wish; I’ll mess around again at night.”


Su Xi-er didn’t reply to him. His vitality is especially vigorous after having held his desires in for so many years; as long as my body can bear it, he will undoubtedly take advantage. He’s also getting more and more familiar with his movements, even coming up with new ways to do it. He must be secretly studying from some medical books.


The horse carriage continued to head towards Nanzhao, but it would still take a few days even if they sped up.




Meanwhile, the capital of Nanzhao was exactly as Wu Ling had described ー chaos. The Imperial Army Guards were stringently guarding the imperial palace while soldiers patrolled on the streets.


Some civilians couldn’t help but shake their heads and sigh. “The Imperial Beauty Selection should be a celebratory occasion; why is it being deferred? So many girls at the prime of their youth have already entered the imperial palace.”


“Who knows? I heard that the daughter of the Chief Minister of War was injured not long after entering the Female Selection Palace, yet not only did His Majesty not give an explanation, he even issued a decree to have her sent out of the palace. How terrible!”


“Sigh, Prince Yun just passed away, and Nanzhao hasn’t completely stabilised. We were all waiting for this Imperial Beauty Selection to add some celebratory atmosphere to Nanzhao.”


“If only the Eldest Imperial Princess were still around. She was so powerful, and definitely would have been able to manage these court officials.”


Upon being reminded, some civilians began reminiscing about the days when the Eldest Imperial Princess was still around. Now, there are no imperial princesses left in Nanzhao.




Meanwhile, Ning Lianchen’s brows furrowed as he read the memorial in his hand. He fiercely flung it onto the ground, shouting in a frosty voice, “Simply too impudent!”


The guards outside the palace hall didn’t even dare to breathe. His Majesty’s temper has been foul for the past few days. The Chief Minister of War has united the other officials to impeach His Majesty for being unfair in handling matters, and things are exacerbated with His Majesty putting off the Imperial Beauty Selection. The court is currently in turmoil.


It was at this moment that Fang Lingdang walked in with a small bowl of soup. “Brother Guard, this bowl of soup was specially prepared for His Majesty. He hasn’t been in a good mood the past few days; perhaps drinking some soup can help to calm his heart.”


The guard was in a difficult spot. “It’s not that I don’t want to let you in, but His Majesty has ordered that he doesn’t want to meet anybody. You should drink this soup yourself.”

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