Du Ling lifted the curtain to take a look, and Tan Ge followed. 


It’s really Wu Ling! Her gaze slightly flickered.


“You know him?” Detecting that something was amiss, Du Ling posed the question.


Tan Ge decided to go along and nodded. “He’s Commander Wu, widely praised by everyone. Every time Prince Hao returns, Commander Wu will open a path by riding a horse ahead of the carriage. Almost all the civilians in the capital recognise him.”


However, Tan Ge’s heart leapt to her throat as she watched Pei Qianhao suddenly alight the carriage, only able to watch as a slender hand came out of the carriage curtains to take his own. 


It must be Su Xi-er! Is she going to alight the carriage too? What should I do? Du Ling is going to see her!


However, just as Tan Ge’s heart was drumming against her chest, the slender hand was retracted. Pei Qianhao shifted his gaze and his eyes happened to meet with Du Ling’s.


Du Ling’s gaze flickered for a moment before he alighted the carriage, disappearing from Tan Ge’s sight. She tightly clenched her fists.


Why have we encountered Su Xi-er even after leaving the capital? Once Su Xi-er alights the carriage and gets noticed by Du Ling, it will be hard for me to escape death.


She heard the conversation between the two men outside the carriage, and realised that they were only exchanging pleasantries. It was only a short period of time before Du Ling boarded the carriage again, but it felt like an eternity to Tan Ge.


“Nu-er, there’s something wrong with you today. Previously, you and Prince Hao…”


Tan Ge cut him off. “Where are the Western Regions? I have never left Beimin. Are you planning to kill me?”


“If you are this Emperor’s younger sister, I will shower you with affection and give you everything you deserve.” Du Ling calmly stated before ordering the guard to continue driving the carriage.


Tan Ge’s heart was still restless when the carriage started moving, but she forced herself to appear composed. “I don’t want to be an imperial princess. Let me go back.”


“This can’t be decided by you. Ever since you said that you have worn this jade pendant since you were born, you had already entangled yourself with the Western Regions.” There was an overtone in Du Ling’s words. After he finished speaking, he no longer looked at Tan Ge, and was immersed in his thoughts.




Outside the tea store, Pei Qianhao boarded the carriage, and Wu Ling turned the horse in another direction.


Pei Qianhao pulled Su Xi-er into his embrace as she asked, “Was the person in the horse carriage just now the King of the Western Regions?”


“Mmm, that’s right. He had been in the capital for a few days before departing today.”


“Did you ask him his purpose in coming to Beimin?”


Pei Qianhao caressed her hair. “Xi-er, the Western Regions are definitely related to you. It just depends on whether you want to get into it or not.”


Su Xi-er smiled. “I have you and Lianchen; that’s enough. Right now, I’m more worried about why Lianchen suddenly put off the Imperial Beauty Selection, and how Nanzhao is doing.” Su Xi-er’s gaze became distant. 


I really want to get to Nanzhao right now and investigate the situation.


“The only person who can cause your imperial younger brother to do this is that clever and quirky little lass.”


Su Xi-er was stunned. “You mean Yinyin?”


“Although that lass is only 10 years old, her parents passed away early. She may appear naive and innocent, but she actually understands what the people she cherishes mean to her more than anyone.”


Only when one loses something will they learn how to cherish it. With Lianchen being the only one who treats her well after her parents passed away, he has already become her family in her eyes. He’s the person she wishes to rely on for her whole life. 


Su Xi-er was deep in thought when Pei Qianhao continued. “That lass is much more intelligent than your imperial younger brother in some aspects. Maybe she ran away, and that’s why your imperial younger brother was in a panic to delay the Imperial Beauty Selection.”


“A-Jing, I could tell that Yinyin liked Lianchen, but I didn’t expect her to be so precocious at the age of 10.”


Pei Qianhao softly chuckled. “Xi-er, I’m ten years older than you. Yinyin is only 6 years younger than Lianchen.”


“Who said you’re 10 years older than me?” Su Xi-er immediately refuted and glared at him.

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