“King, our whereabouts have been discovered.”


The man stood at the side as he quietly watched the woman lying on the bed. After interrogating her, she had trembled and passed out once again. He tried pinching her, but there was no reaction. Looks like she’s really unconscious.


“We’ll leave the capital early tomorrow morning.” The man calmly said with his arms behind his back.


“This subordinate will make preparations right away.” The guard acknowledged the order and walked a few steps before turning to ask, “King, is this woman really the imperial princess?”


“The Grand Empress Dowager’s verbal edict was to bring the person with the jade pendant back to the Western Regions. We still have to investigate this woman’s identity.” The man’s cold gaze landed on Tan Ge.


Empress Mother was someone from the Central Plains, and she possessed none of the typical characteristics of people from the Western Regions. My sister’s facial features should resemble Empress Mother’s, yet she doesn’t look similar at all.


After repeatedly interrogating her, I couldn’t find any loopholes in her answers. If that’s the case, I might as well bring her back to the Western Regions first and secretly observe her. 


If she’s lying, I’ll definitely not let her off. But if she is my sister, I’ll give her everything an imperial princess deserves; she will enjoy unparalleled glory.


Meanwhile, Tan Ge was trapped in what seemed like her own endless nightmare after passing out. She saw Xie Yun wickedly smiling at her as he called a group of men to forcefully take her on; her fists couldn’t help but clench tightly as her brows furrowed.


She uncontrollably shivered in fear, and finally, she shrieked, “Stop!” Her eyes suddenly opened, her forehead breaking out in a cold sweat.


Thud! A warm handkerchief landed on her hand. Her gaze was uncomprehending as she stared at it, a man’s voice streaming into her ears.


“Wipe it yourself.”


Tan Ge stiffly reached out her hand and took the handkerchief, slowly wiping herself despite her still wildly beating heart.


“What’s your name?”  

Tan Ge was taken aback for a moment. I can’t say my real name. I have to abandon my name, abandon everything I have.


“You don’t have a name even after living in Beimin for many years?”


Tan Ge lifted her head, the corners of her eyes still wet. “My parents are dead…” Her body shook before she continued. “Where’s my jade pendant? Return it to me! Let me leave! I don’t know you! I beg of you, please let me go.”


She screamed with all her might until her voice became hoarse. Everything is a facade. Men will definitely be a little moved when faced with a deranged woman.


The man replied, “I will bring you back to the Western Regions. Once I have verified your identity, I will naturally return this pendant to you. However, only my biological sister is worthy of wearing it.”


“Your biological younger sister?” Tan Ge pretended to reveal a puzzled and shocked expression before she fiercely shook her head. “I don’t understand. I only know that this jade pendant is mine!” She stood up, prepared to pounce onto him.


The man stepped to the side, his gaze growing colder. “My name is Du Ling, the King of the Western Regions. Since you have no name, I’ll call you Nu-er[1] from now on.”


‘Nu-er’ was the name for female slaves in the Western Regions. Du Ling was indirectly warning her, “If you are pretending, you will become a slave  the lowliest existence  in the future.”


Tan Ge had read many books while she was studying the jade pendant, and naturally understood what ‘Nu-er’ meant in the Western Regions. Her body trembled.


There’s no backing out; I must push forward. The Imperial Princess of Western Regions; that’s who I will become!


Only if I grasp this opportunity can I become stronger and take revenge!


“Nu-er, you can’t deceive this Emperor. Your facial features don’t look the least bit like Empress Mother.” Du Ling bent down and inspected her with his eagle eyes.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have been bullied since I was young, and I’m used to it. Don’t harm me!” Tan Ge cowered at the foot of the bed, feigning a fearful expression.

1. ’Nu’ means slave.

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