Wu Ling wouldn’t come to the main courtyard so late at night if it wasn’t a major matter.


Su Xi-er sat up and wore her clothes, while Pei Qianhao immediately got down from the bed and donned his robes after putting down the bed's curtains. 


Upon noticing Pei Qianhao, Wu Ling immediately reported, “Prince Hao, a soldier rushed back from Nanzhao to report that chaos has descended on the capital. Despite this, Nanzhao’s emperor has yet to deploy the elite troops that we’ve lent him. What should we do?”


“Ning Lianchen naturally has his reasons for not mobilising them. Have the troops bide their time; don’t interfere unless told directly.” Pei Qianhao cooly ordered.


Their conversation could be heard from inside the room, and Su Xi-er quickly walked out after dressing up. “Commander Wu, how did the commotion in Nanzhao’s capital start?”


“This subordinate doesn’t know the specific reason, but my preliminary investigations indicate that the court officials are making a scene because the Emperor of Nanzhao is planning to defer the Imperial Beauty Selection despite previously agreeing to it. 80 women have already entered the Female Selection Palace, yet there hasn’t been any action taken yet. The court officials are dissatisfied, and the commoners are fervently discussing this matter.”


Su Xi-er immediately guessed that something must have happened. It’s unavoidable that the court officials would be dissatisfied and afraid of Lianchen reneging on his promise after agreeing. The only question is: Why is he postponing the selection?


“Xi-er, do you want to go to Nanzhao?” Pei Qianhao couldn’t help but ask upon noticing the worried look on her face.


Su Xi-er had thought that Ning Lianchen would be able to resolve this issue by himself, but...After all, he’s only 16; he hasn’t truly matured in many aspects. Furthermore, there is no capable person like Prince Hao assisting him in Nanzhao. I will be worried if I don't go to Nanzhao to check on him.


“Xi-er, this Prince will go with you.” Pei Qianhao slowly stated as he patted her back to comfort her.


Wu Ling was perplexed. Why is the Princess Consort so concerned about Nanzhao? Not only that, even Prince Hao’s attitude is the same. He suddenly dispatched the elite troops, inquires about their situation, and is now even planning to personally make a trip there!


“A-Jing.” Su Xi-er raised her head and called his name, hugging him in front of Wu Ling. “You’re really great.”


Wu Ling’s eyelid twitched, and he quickly lowered his head. “Prince Hao, when will you be going to Nanzhao? This subordinate will prepare a horse carriage and make the trip with you.”


“Tomorrow morning at 5 am. This Prince will go to the imperial palace tonight.” Pei Qianhao caressed Su Xi-er’s hair.


Su Xi-er nodded and left his embrace. “It’s cold at night; wear more layers. I’ll go and get you your outer robes.” She turned into the room and took out a black outer robe from the cabinet, carefully draping it over his shoulders before tying the knot at the front.


Once she was done, Pei Qianhao gently patted her head. “Sleep early; don’t wait for me.”


Only when Su Xi-er nodded did he turn to leave for the imperial palace with Wu Ling following behind.


It wasn’t long before Pei Qianhao was in a carriage bound for the imperial palace, the sound of the carriage wheels echoing in the otherwise empty streets.


After passing two streets, Pei Qianhao caught sight of a tall man through the gaps of the window curtains. 


The contours of his face are very chiselled; he doesn’t look like someone from Beimin, but more like someone from the Western Regions.


Upon realising this, Pei Qianhao immediately instructed Wu Ling to stop the carriage before watching the man enter an alley. 


I didn’t expect the people from the Western Regions to have secretly snuck into Beimin’s capital.


A moment later, Pei Qianhao coldly instructed, “Continue travelling.”


Wu Ling cracked the horsewhip, leaving a trail of dust behind the carriage.




In the alley, the guard from the Western Regions had noticed that he had been discovered, and was hiding at the corner. Only when he saw the horse carriage leave did he continue walking forward. Upon arriving at the end of the alley, he swiftly turned into a small house.

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