Xie Yun kissed her very carefully, and when he gradually slipped his tongue in, his hands involuntarily circled around her waist as if he was trying to absorb the purity and fragrance from her body. 


After he finished the kiss, he gazed at her tender red lips. At this very moment, he suddenly felt that he was very selfish.


Her first kiss was stolen by me, yet the kiss I gave her wasn’t my first. 


Witnessing her purity, it was the first time Xie Yun felt that he was actually so filthy. Xie Yun softly chuckled with a trace of mockery.


He reached out his hand to gently caress her face as he slowly murmured, “Zhen Yu, what should I do? Even if I’m not worthy of you, I still want to obtain you.”


His eyebrows scrunched up. She can only think of her childhood promise with her Brother Hu, but it won’t be easy to find him after so many years; he may already have a wife and children. 


“Zhen Yu, I will treat you very well. I want to let you become my only woman.” A smile graced Xie Yun’s lips as his eyes lit up, planting a kiss on her forehead.


It was at this moment that Xie Yun heard some noises from outside the room, prompting him to immediately sit up. 


Soon, Xie Liuli came in with a bowl of nourishing soup. When she saw Zhen Yu lying on the bed, she jumped in shock and set the bowl down before walking over. “Elder Brother, how come Zhen Yu passed out?”


“Having been kicked in the abdomen, her injury is on the more serious side. After massaging my bones for such a long time, her body couldn’t hold on any longer. She’s a good lady.” Xie Yun’s eyes kept darting towards Zhen Yu’s abdomen.


“Not only is she a good lady, she’s also a silly one. I’ll support her to the couch.” Xie Liuli was about to lift Zhen Yu up, but was stopped by Xie Yun.


“Since her abdomen is injured, we should just let her lie here. Go and find a physician.” He paused for a moment before adding, “Go invite an Imperial Physician from the palace. Don’t get Miss Mei.” 


If Mei Jinxiu finds out that Zhen Yu was injured in the Commandery Prince Residence, she’ll definitely take her home with her. Since I can’t walk, I won’t be able to see her anymore.


Xie Liuli understood the importance of treating Zhen Yu, especially when the latter had been injured in their own residence. Once this matter is over, I will personally go and apologise to Miss Mei. “Elder Brother, I’ll make a trip to the palace. Remember to drink the nourishing soup.” She picked the bowl up from the table and passed it to Xie Yun.


Xie Yun watched his sister leave the room and close the door behind her, finally leaving the room in silence. Xie Yun placed the bowl at the side, using his arms to pull himself further onto the bed. Then, he reached out his arms to embrace Zhen Yu before covering the two of them with his quilt.


Xie Yun then reached his hand out and found her abdomen, gently massaging the area. It was unclear how much time had passed before Zhen Yu groggily woke up and felt a hand on her stomach. She involuntarily tried to smack the area as her eyes opened, realising that the pain had subsided significantly.


Seeing Xie Yun’s face right in front of her, Zhen Yu was stunned. She then realised that she was under the quilt with him, and quickly became flustered. She moved to get out, but was held back by Xie Yun before she could do so. “Stay still; your body has yet to recover. An imperial physician should be here soon to treat you.”


“Commandery Prince, men and women should keep a proper distance. Don’t harm me.” Zhen Yu tried to smack him.


Xie Yun grasped her hand. “Your injury is all because of me. If you continue to move around, it will take even longer to heal; this is especially deleterious for a woman’s body. How are you planning to look for Brother Hu if you’re unwell?” He didn’t expect that he would take the initiative to mention Brother Hu.


Zhen Yu shook her head. “I want to get up. Let go of me.” She tried to get up, but the pain in her abdomen flared up again and caused her to fall right back down.

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