Zhen Yu walked to the basin and wrung out the soaked handkerchief. She then took it to the bed and deferentially said, “Commandery Prince, please extend your right hand. I’ll be helping you to massage your bones today by applying a hot compress.”


All of a sudden, an arm swiftly wrapped around her waist, pinning her to the bed.


Zhen Yu, having never been so close to an unfamiliar man, immediately began to panic and struggle.


“Zhen Yu, where did he kick you?” Xie Yun’s face was full of anxiety, his voice similarly laced with worry.


Seeing his earnest eyes, Zhen Yu understood that he was worried about her and didn’t have any intention of offending her. She stopped wriggling and shook her head. “It’s fine; it doesn’t hurt.”


“How can it not hurt? You even yelled out loud. Where did he kick you? Let me check.” Xie Yun prepared to roll up her sleeves.


“Don’t touch me; only my husband is allowed to do so. Commandery Prince, please let me get up. I’ll help you massage your bones.”


Xie Yun furrowed his brows upon hearing her mention her ‘husband’ again. She actually foolishly believes the childhood promise. What husband? She clearly hasn’t even gotten married yet! Since she doesn’t have a husband, as long as I like her, I can think of a way to obtain her.


Xie Yun snatched the wet cloth away and lifted up her sleeves without another word. There’s no mark on her arms. Thus, he began to lift her clothes up.


“Commandery Prince, what are you doing? Don’t be like this!” Zhen Yu was so flustered that tears threatened to fall from her eyes. My body can only be seen by Brother Hu.


“I’m just checking the condition of your injuries because I am worried for you.I won’t do anything else.” Xie Yun’s heart softened when he saw that the rims of her eyes had reddened.


Despite that, he didn’t stop and quickly lifted her clothes up. When he saw the dark bruise on her abdomen, his eyes filled with pain as his fingers ran across it. “It’s already black and blue, yet you claim that you’re fine? If I hadn’t forcefully checked, how long were you planning on hiding it from me?”


Feeling his warm fingers on her abdomen, Zhen Yu was extremely nervous. “Commandery Prince, don’t be like this. I already…”


Before she could finish speaking, she felt his hand massaging her abdomen.


“Does it feel any better if I massage it this way? I learned it from observing your technique over these few days.” Xie Yun asked as he carefully moved his hands back and forth.


“Commandery Prince, I can massage it on my own. It’s nothing to be worried about. Let me get up.” Zhen Yu tried to hit him, but he grasped her hand.


“Zhen Yu, if you can’t find Brother Hu, what would you do? Will you find another good match and get married?” His voice was very calm, but only he knew how much anxiety lied beneath his facade.


“I won’t; I only want Brother Hu in this lifetime. He won’t let me down. Commandery Prince, if you don’t let me get up, I won’t care that your legs aren’t well.” In a frantic attempt to get up, Zhen Yu decided to threaten him.


Xie Yun softly chuckled. “Silly girl.” He released her and let her get up.


“Zhen Yu, help this Prince massage my bones.”


Seeing his unperturbed face, Zhen Yu collected herself before soaking the handkerchief again and helping him to massage his index finger.


She continued for a few hours, finally standing up to leave when she was done. However, the sudden pain in her abdomen caused her to fall forward.


Xie Yun immediately hooked his arm around Zhen Yu’s waist and took her into his arms, but she had already passed out from pain.


Xie Yun softly called her name a few times, but the only reply he received was the sound of her shallow breathing. Watching her quiet and delicate face, something tugged at Xie Yun’s heart. He lowered his head and slowly captured those fragrant lips, kissing them very carefully.


Call me despicable or call me a hypocrite for all I care; I just really want to kiss her at this moment.

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