Receiving a ringing slap to the face, the man’s expression immediately darkened. 


I lost to a weak woman on the main street, and now I’ve been slapped by another one! If it weren’t for her being the Commandery Princess, I would have already sent her sprawling on the ground! So unlucky!


“Commandery Princess, please quell your anger. This subordinate didn’t know that she was the Commandery Prince’s benefactor. I shall apologise to her.” The man spoke respectfully, but immediately turned to the main room.


How can I continue to waste time with these women when I have something important to report to the Commandery Prince?


However, what he didn’t know was that Xie Yun had heard everything that transpired outside. When he heard Zhen Yu’s cry of pain after being kicked to the ground, he felt as if his heart was being squeezed.


How he wished that he could immediately get down from the bed and save her, but the current state of his legs left him unable to even walk, much less do that. He could only watch helplessly while she was being bullied.


The man knocked on the door and deferentially announced, “Commandery Prince, this subordinate has something to report.”


Xie Yun assuaged his anger and slowly replied, “Come in.”


The man pushed the door open and came in, closing the door behind him. However, his eyes couldn’t help but widen when he noticed Xie Yun lying in bed.


The Commandery Prince is really bed-ridden like the rumours say!




Meanwhile, Xie Liuli quickly supported Zhen Yu outside of the room, asking, “Are you alright?”


Zhen Yu’s abdomen was in excruciating pain, but she decided to shake her head with a forced smile so that Xie Liuli wouldn’t worry. “I’m fine; you don’t have to worry, Commandery Princess.”


Xie Liuli was sceptical, and reached out her hand to check before being stopped by Zhen Yu. “I’m fine, but I need to change out of my wet clothes. Commandery Princess, could I trouble you to get a basin of warm water? I need it for applying a hot compress when massaging the Commandery Prince’s bones later.”


Xie Liuli nodded. “Alright, I’ll go and get it. Go and change your clothes.”


Zhen Yu nodded and went to the small room she was temporarily staying at in the backyard. After closing the door, she lifted up her clothes and discovered that her abdomen was already a patch of blue and black. I didn’t expect it to be so serious. 


She immediately took some analgesic medicinal herbs and squeezed their extract onto her abdomen. It wasn’t long before a refreshing feeling abated her pain, leaving her able to change to a set of fresh clothes. She used another application of the herbs to her abdomen, only leaving once she felt comfortable.


When she was about to reach the main courtyard, Zhen Yu saw the man who had just kicked her being carried out by four guards. His limbs were continuously writhing, and he was loudly swearing, “Xie Yun, you son of a bitch! I came to bring you an important piece of news as your follower, and yet you don’t even give a word of thanks! Instead, you want to kill me over a random woman! Bastard, you’ll never win against Prince Hao!


The man lashed out as he madly twisted his body, prompting the guards to hit his numbing acupoints and cause him to immediately lose all strength. Tilting his head, he happened to notice Zhen Yu, causing the flames of fury to burn in his eyes. “Damn woman!”


Zhen Yu trembled as she had never witnessed such a scene before. That man who was still very arrogant just now is going to be killed by the Commandery Prince?


Xie Liuli was waiting in the courtyard, and she easily spotted the dazed Zhen Yu. She immediately walked over before saying, “Zhen Yu, let’s quickly go in. I have already brought the water over, and my brother is waiting for you to massage his bones.”


Zhen Yu nodded. “Alright, I’ll go in now.”


Zhen Yu entered the main room while Xie Liuli left for the kitchen in order to prepare a medicinal soup for her brother.

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