She was about to retract her hand when Pei Qianhao suddenly grabbed it and gently licked the tip of her fingers. The warm and curious sensation had Su Xi-er quickly pulling her hand back.


“Be more careful; we’re in the main hall now.” Su Xi-er gently smacked his arm as she reminded him.


“This is the Prince Hao Residence, this Prince’s place. I can do whatever I want, and no one will dare to raise a single objection.” Pei Qianhao arrogantly said.


He then bent down and hugged her from behind, whispering into her ear, “Where did you go for a stroll today?”


His question reminded Su Xi-er of the strange old auntie she met earlier. “A-Jing, I saved an old auntie today, but her shocked reaction when she saw me was too strange. She couldn’t stop saying something about being too similar and someone already being dead. What do you think her relationship to me could be? More importantly, do you think she is connected to the Su Family?”


Pei Qianhao’s gaze deepened. “Xi-er, perhaps that auntie is related to the mother of this body’s original owner.”


Su Xi-er furrowed her brows. The background of this body’s original owner is so complicated. It seems that they were even connected to the Western Regions; perhaps that old auntie was a maidservant of the original Su Xi-er’s mother?


“Xi-er, people from the Western Regions may come.” Pei Qianhao slowly said. 


I originally planned to leave this matter be, but I’m afraid that’s no longer possible. 


“A-Jing, I only want Nanzhao and Beimin to be well. I don’t want to become involved in the Western Regions’ affairs..”


Pei Qianhao softly replied, “Mmm, we’ll do as you wish; we’ll only care about Beimin and Nanzhao.”


“A-jing, you are really great.” Su Xi-er turned around and rubbed against his chest.


“Xi-er, you clearly know that I can’t resist any temptation.” Pei Qianhao’s gaze was deep as he swept her off her feet.


Caught off guard by the sudden action, the plate in Su Xi-er’s hand fell to the ground, and the small red fruits scattered across the ground. Meanwhile, Su Xi-er was already on the way to the main courtyard in Pei Qianhao’s arms.


All the guards along the way would lower their heads, averting their gazes while doing their best to remain taciturn.


Ever since Prince Hao married the Princess Consort, his expression has become more vibrant, and the residence is no longer as quiet. The faint charms of a woman have managed to change the entire atmosphere of the residence; us subordinates can only take our hats off to the Princess Consort.




In contrast to the warmth in the Prince Hao Residence, the Commandery Prince Residence was a very different scene when a tall and robust man with a beard arrived.


After the guards were made aware that he was here to visit Xie Yun, they quickly let him in after receiving permission from the latter.


When the man entered the main courtyard, Zhen Yu was also walking over with a basin of water. Being in too much of a hurry to care, the man bumped into Zhen Yu, causing her to spill the basin of water all over herself.


“Where do your eyes grow?” The man was displeased. I just lost to that woman earlier today, and now I’m splashed with water by another.


Seeing how the man was putting on airs, Zhen Yu thought that he was an important figure, so she immediately disregarded her drenched state and apologised, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have walked with my head lowered and accidentally bumped into you.”


The man grew even more annoyed upon hearing her voice, and simply kicked her in the abdomen. “Scram to one side, damn woman!”


A resounding female voice rang at this moment. “Who did you call a damn woman?” Xie Liuli always spoke in a mild manner, but watching Zhen Yu, their benefactor, getting kicked in their own residence had crossed the line. Unable to let this go, she had immediately called out loudly.


Noticing Xie Liuli’s appearance and superior quality of clothing, he quickly deduced that she was the Commandery Princess, and his attitude became respectful. “This subordinate pays his respects to the Commandery Princess. I have something important to report to the Commandery Prince.”


“To think that you’re my brother’s subordinate; the woman you kicked is my brother’s benefactor! You are really impudent!” Xie Liuli immediately gave the man a resounding slap on his face.

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