Su Xi-er couldn’t help but be surprised. Grand Tutor Kong possesses extensive and profound knowledge, and has always been strict in terms of academic learning. I honestly didn’t expect him to start learning martial arts.


“Although Grand Tutor Kong is aged, he learns very quickly; he was able to grasp the fist techniques after Mentor Changqing demonstrated a few times.  It’s just a pity that he isn’t as nimble, and will sometimes use the same hand and leg.” Situ Lin cheerily added the last part with a smug look in his eyes. He always wanted to laugh when he saw Grand Tutor Kong using the same hand and leg.


Pei Qianhao knitted his brows upon noticing that Situ Lin had lost his deportment as an emperor. Just as he was about to chide him, Su Xi-er tugged on his sleeve. “Be strict when you should be strict, and be lenient when you should be lenient. Although he’s the Emperor, he’s still young after all.”


Hearing her advice, Pei Qianhao’s brows relaxed, and he looked at Situ Lin’s gleeful smile. I’ll let him be for the time being then.


After continuing to laugh for quite a while, Situ Lin finally stopped, realising that his wanton laughter had caused any measure of an emperor’s dignity to fly out the window. It’s strange though; Imperial Uncle didn’t stop me. 


His eyes immediately darted towards his Imperial Aunt. It must be because Imperial Aunt is here that Imperial Uncle doesn’t have the time to reprimand me!


Situ Lin came forward to curry favour with Su Xi-er, but before he could say anything, Ruo Yuan and Hong Li returned with the fruits.


Situ Lin immediately corrected his posture, once again putting on his dignified facade of an emperor.


“Your Majesty, here are some fresh fruits. Please slowly enjoy.” Hong Li placed a small plate of fruits beside Situ Lin before moving to stand at the side of the room.


Meanwhile, Pei Qianhao took the plate that Ruo Yuan carried and picked a small red fruit. “Xi-er, have a taste.”


Situ Lin’s eyelid twitched. I’m still a child! Imperial Uncle, can’t you pay more attention to your surroundings? How am I supposed to maintain the dignified demeanour of an emperor if you behave like this?


Hong Li immediately cast Ruo Yuan a meaningful look. After exchanging glances, the two nodded at each other and bowed as they left the main hall.


Once they left, Situ Lin remarked, “Imperial Uncle, Imperial Aunt can use her own hands, but you’re still feeding her one at a time. It would be better if she simply grabs a bunch at once.”


Pei Qianhao stopped and replied in a solemn voice, “Your Majesty, did the Protocol Officer teach you to use your hands to grab food when having meals? And grab a bunch at that?”


Situ Lin’s heart skipped a beat. Oh no, I’m done for; I accidentally let it slip. What should I do now?


He instantly cast a pleading look towards Su Xi-er.


Discerning his intentions, Su Xi-er took the plate from Pei Qianhao and smiled as she went over to him. She picked up one of the same red fruits with her hand and said, “Your Majesty, let me feed you.”


Situ Lin immediately felt a certain someone’s frigid gaze lock on to him. 


Imperial Aunt didn’t even feed Imperial Uncle; I can’t let her feed me! 


He sprung up from his chair. “Imperial Aunt, I’m returning to the palace to read my books. I have promised Grand Tutor Kong to practise punches together in two hours.”


Watching Situ Lin’s departing figure, Su Xi-er laughed as she shook her head. “You’re too strict towards him; doing so might produce the opposite result sometimes.”


“Xi-er, that’s how an emperor should be. If I’m not strict, how is he going to bear his massive responsibilities in the future?” Pei Qianhao walked to her side and stared at the small red fruits on the plate.


Su Xi-er understood what he was implying with his actions, and quickly stuffed a fruit into his mouth. “Eat it then, you jealous vinegar jar.”

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