“Auntie, be careful!” Su Xi-er immediately dashed forward and grabbed the auntie’s hand, swiftly pulling her to the side in a narrow escape.


The horse carriage stopped, and the driver loudly hooted, “Are your dog eyes blind? You didn’t even check who’s sitting inside!”


The auntie immediately wanted to kneel down out of fear, but Su Xi-er stopped her. “You don’t have to kneel; you weren’t in the wrong.”


“Miss, you are a good person.” The auntie grasped Su Xi-er’s hand and raised her head to look at the latter, but was immediately stunned.


“Auntie, what’s wrong?” Su Xi-er gently patted her back.


The old auntie repeatedly shook her head as she mumbled to herself, “How could this be? How is it possible? Too similar...isn’t that person dead?” She immediately pushed Su Xi-er away and turned to leave, scrambling away faster and faster as if she was avoiding Su Xi-er like the plague.


Su Xi-er knitted her brows. Too similar? What could she mean? Could this old auntie have known the original Su Xi’er’s mother?


The carriage driver coldly snorted and cracked his whip. Watching the carriage as it gradually travelled into the distance, a cold look emerged in Su Xi-er’s eyes. She bent down and picked up a few stones, targeting the horse’s legs by deftly flicking her wrist.


The stones successfully hit the forelegs, causing the horse to neigh while collapsing to the ground, and the carriage to flip over along with it.


A burly man immediately leapt off the carriage, causing the eyes of the numerous commoners to widen when they saw him. “Oh no, this is terrible! It’s actually him!” This man was known for being quite formidable, and had been repeatedly stepping over the line after receiving Xie Yun’s admiration not long ago.


The man’s gaze landed on Su Xi-er, and he strode over to her, firmly stating, “You secretly played tricks.”


With how huge the commotion was, Hong Li noticed it from the Sugar People store, and quickly rushed over while loudly berating, “Impudent! Do you know who she is?!”


Su Xi-er signalled to Hong Li with her hand not to say anymore.


The man examined Su Xi-er. “Say who you are.”


Su Xi-er’s expression was calm. “That’s not necessary. The only thing I know is that your reckless gallivanting on a bustling street endangered the lives of the people here.”


The man gave a derisive laugh. “I do whatever I want. Even if someone does die from the collision, it would just be some no-name lowlife! What does it have to do with you?”


Su Xi-er’s gaze would have filled the man with holes if it could. Throwing his weight around; I must teach him a lesson today!


Thus, she gestured at him. “I will compete with you today.”


The man inspected her with contempt. “You are going to compete with me? With this small figure of yours, everyone would think that I’m bullying you.”


“How would you know if we don’t try? It’s still too early to determine the winner.” Su Xi-er purposely filled her words with a clear provocation, goading the man into action.


The man loudly hollered, “Audacious woman! I will agree to your challenge today!”


Su Xi-er immediately replied, “Great! If you lose, you must immediately get out of Beimin’s capital and never show yourself in front of me again in the future.”


“No problem!” Confident that he would win, the man concurred without hesitation.


The atmosphere became tense. A small and weak woman up against a boorish and strong man; do we even need to guess? It’s definitely the man’s win!


Ruo Yuan had also rushed over from where she had been watching the cock fighting, immediately growing anxious when she realised what was happening. Prince Hao is in the imperial palace; what should we do?


Meanwhile, Su Xi-er and the man had already begun their contest. At the start, she only stayed on the defence.


Determined to win, the man began to use increasingly vicious strikes. In stark contrast, Su Xi-er only continued to dodge to the side, allowing his attacks to just barely slip past her at the last moment.


Why is this woman’s body as nimble as a pond loach? I just can’t seem to catch her, no matter how I try!


Discerning that he was distracted, Su Xi-er immediately attacked the numbing acupoint on his neck. It wasn’t even necessary for her to apply much force due to how sensitive it was.


The man stumbled a few steps back, finding that he had started to lose feeling in his limbs. To think that I would get struck!


The commoners hadn’t expected such a result, and were all cheering by the time they recovered from their shock.

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