Liu Yinyin watched as Fang Lingdang walked further away, then looked at the guard who was blocking her. After contemplating for a moment, she clenched her teeth and followed the direction Fang Lingdang had left in.


The two of them walked all the way to a gazebo in the Imperial Garden. Fang Lingdang gazed at the calm surface of the lake as she slowly spoke with a meaningful look. “Young Miss Yinyin, I am actually very envious of you. You had parents who doted on you in the past, and now, even His Majesty treats you extremely well.”


Fang Lingdang paused and looked at her. “No matter how much of a scene you make, His Majesty has never truly punished you. Even now, His Majesty didn’t agree to the Imperial Beauty Selection out of his own volition. For an emperor, it’s very normal for there to be numerous beauties in the imperial harem. Although you are only 10, you seem to understand the matters between men and women quite well. If you can’t accept His Majesty having other women beside him, I’d advise you to leave the palace as soon as possible.”


“I won’t fall for your trick; I will definitely not leave the palace.” Liu Yinyin confidently stated before turning away.


“Young Miss Yinyin, I will be leaving the palace soon; His Majesty dispatched someone to send me home. I won’t appear before you ever again, so you don’t have to worry about me snatching His Majesty away. I do like him, but he won’t belong to me alone. He lives in a different world than the two of us. If you can’t accept it, you might as well choose to let go. If you insist on staying in the imperial palace, I’m afraid that you would be broken-hearted.” Fang Lingdang shifted her gaze to the scenery in the distance.


Liu Yinyin paused for a moment before she continued walking away. 


I should be happy that Fang Lingdang is leaving the palace soon, but why do I feel so sad? She is right though; there’s only one piece of candy, but there’s so many women competing to eat it. Furthermore, according to the rules of Nanzhao, this piece of candy can’t be enjoyed by just a single person.


The more she thought about it, the more miserable she became; her footsteps became heavy, and she decided to return to her repose palace instead of going to the Imperial Study.


Meanwhile, Fang Lingdang remained standing in the gazebo as she watched Liu Yinyin’s departing figure, knowing that the latter had already taken her words to heart. At that thought, the corners of her mouth involuntarily curled up.




After returning to her repose palace, Liu Yinyin quietly sat on a chair and became lost in her thoughts. It was unclear how much time had passed before she finally clenched her fists as if she had made a decision.


It was at this moment that a palace maid announced in a delighted voice, “Young Miss Yinyin, His Majesty is here; he’s come to visit you.”


The words had just left her mouth when Ning Lianchen’s tall figure entered the main hall, his eyes immediately settling on her obediently sitting in the chair.


Ning Lianchen waved his hand, signalling for the palace maid to withdraw. She immediately bowed and turned to leave.


“You came to the Imperial Study today?” Ning Lianchen stopped in front of her and caressed her hair in a familiar manner.


Liu Yinyin nodded, obediently replying, “You didn’t come to visit me today, and I missed you, so I tried to go and visit you instead.”


“Yinyin, I didn’t have time to accompany you because there are too many court affairs to settle; don’t be angry.” Ning Lianchen’s heart involuntarily softened when he heard her reply.


Liu Yinyin lifted her head to earnestly look at him. “Your Majesty, so many women have entered the palace; how many are you going to pick from amongst them?”


“Yinyin, you are unhappy.” Ning Lianchen wasn’t asking; he was stating what he knew to be true.


She suddenly stood up and hugged him, a bell-like laughter escaping her lips. “Why would I be unhappy? My parents are no longer around, but you take care of me like an elder brother. I’m even going to have an elder sister-in-law soon, so I’m very happy. It’s just that I don’t know how many elder sister-in-laws you are finding for me at once.”

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