By the time it was 3 pm, there were already 20 daughters of ministers who had moved into the Female Selection Palace. The coming days would bring even more of them in, and the total expected number was 80 of them. 


These women would go through strict and rigorous rounds of selection, and the final 10 would enter the imperial harem to serve the Emperor.


During this period of time, Liu Yinyin’s emotions were also a mess. 


There was only Fang Lingdang to compete with me for the sweet in the past, but now there are so many women! Yet, despite the increase in competition, there’s still only one prize! I’m really unhappy!


In Liu Yinyin’s heart, Ning Lianchen had already become a sweet. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became, crumpling the handkerchief in her hand. 


I can only hate myself for being young. Why am I only 10? If I were only five years older, I would be able to squeeze into the Female Selection Palace and beat out all those women, sending them all to the ground! They deserve that for snatching my sweet!


“Young Miss Yinyin, the red date and wolfberry soup is here. It’s cold in the winter; you should drink some to warm your body.” A palace maid carried a bowl of nourishing soup as she walked in, her face full of deference.


Liu Yinyin turned her head away. “I don’t want to eat it. Take it away.”


“His Majesty specially instructed the Imperial Kitchen to prepare this for you. On His Majesty’s account, why don’t you try tasting it a little?”


“I already said I’m not going to drink it!” Liu Yinyin suddenly sprung up from her chair. 


He’s so busy with selecting the women, that he doesn’t even come visit me, and he thinks that having the Imperial Kitchen make something for me is enough? I can’t simply sit in my room and await my doom; I have to take the initiative. This piece of candy is mine!


Ignoring the palace maid’s attempt at stopping her, Liu Yinyin dashed out of her repose palace and headed straight for the Imperial Study. After walking for a while, she saw a group of women in front of her as they followed a separate path.


Liu Yinyin tailed them and quickly arrived before the entrance of a repose palace with the words ‘Female Selection Palace’ on a sign overhead.


Liu Yinyin’s eyes widened. The women staying here are participating in the Imperial Beauty Selection! Her hands clenched into fists. There are so many women!


Right as she felt her temper rising, she heard a woman’s delicate voice. “I saw His Majesty today. He is really handsome; he’s the most good-looking man I have seen in my life!”


“I also saw him. He even supported me.”


“What’s there to be smug about? Imperial Physician Fang’s daughter is the woman he favours most. She doesn’t stay in the Female Selection Palace, and is already used to coming in and out of His Majesty’s repose palace. I heard that His Majesty has even summoned her to the Imperial Study before!”


“Then, what about Grand Tutor Liu’s daughter who is staying in the palace?”


There was a trace of sarcasm in the voice of the woman who replied. “She’s only 10, and her period hasn’t even come yet. She’s just a little kid who completely lacks the mien and grace of a woman. How can she flirt with His Majesty and attend to him?”


The other women laughed in response, their voices filled with mockery.


Liu Yinyin was so irate that she almost wanted to run over, but quickly reigned herself in after deciding to act carefully. I should find His Majesty first.


Thus, she turned to head for the Imperial Study. After staying in the palace for some time, she had finally learned its general layout. After rounding several corners, she finally arrived at the courtyard of the Imperial Study.


Before she could go in, a guard suddenly appeared to stop her. “Young Miss Yinyin, you can’t go in.”


Liu Yinyin was about to reply when she saw Fang Lingdang coming out, prompting her to huffily ask, “Why can Young Miss Fang go in while I can’t?”


The guard was aware of her temper. His Majesty dotes on her so much that she’s become spoiled, but I must abide by His Majesty’s verbal edict.


Thus, the guard tried to reason, “It’s His Majesty’s verbal edict; you can’t go in. This subordinate can’t do anything about it. Young Miss Yinyin, I hope you can understand.”


Liu Yinyin exploded in anger. He specially instructed the guards to stop me, yet Fang Lingdang is allowed in!


Fang Lingdang happened to walk over and bowed at her. “Young Miss Yinyin.”


Liu Yinyin coldly harrumphed. “You don’t have to pretend to be gentle in front of me. It doesn’t work on me.”


“Young Miss Yinyin, could we step aside to have a word in private?” Fang Lingdang stepped forward and whispered, “It pertains to the Imperial Beauty Selection. Don’t you wish to know?”


Fang Lingdang immediately walked away, knowing that Liu Yinyin would definitely follow.

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