She had only taken a few steps when an arm swiftly pulled her back. “This Prince wants it every day, but I’m just afraid that you won’t be able to bear it. Since you have initiated it today, I naturally can’t let you off.” Pei Qianhao’s gaze was already fiery; a single sentence from her was enough to tempt him.


Before Su Xi-er could say anything, she felt herself being picked up by a pair of strong arms.


Soon, her back came into contact with the soft bed quilt as a tall body loomed over her. A pair of eagle-like eyes peered down, but their owner still didn’t make a move.


Su Xi-er felt as if he was undressing her with his gaze. Finally, she couldn’t bear it any longer and kicked his leg. “Do you want it or not?” Dillydallying isn’t his usual style.


“Xi-er, you’re getting impatient?” Pei Qianhao smiled, a naughty look in his fiery eyes. 


The book mentioned another method that I can use to make Xi-er take the initiative today.


Provoked by his words, Su Xi-er immediately sat up and swiftly stripped off his clothes. “I am impatient; what can you do about that? Obediently lie down.” By the time she finished speaking, she had already pressed him down.


Pei Qianhao’s brows furrowed. Why is Xi-er’s reaction completely different from what was written in the book? Shouldn’t she be continuously revealing her inner desires and saying that she wants it?


“A-Jing, what are you thinking about?” Sensing that something was amiss, Su Xi-er whispered into his ears. However, she suddenly felt something under the pillow on the bed.


She immediately tried to take it, but another large hand stopped her, and she was faced with a pair of smiling eyes.


“I am thinking about how I can make you comfortable.” Pei Qianhao swiftly swapped their positions, pinning her down in an instant.


I specially brought that book from the Medical Hall of the Imperial Physician Institute, and it’s slightly different from the previous book. I mustn’t let Xi-er see it.


Under his rain of kisses, the room was heated with passion, and a constant stream of bashful noises could be heard.


The next day, an imperial announcement sent the capital into a frenzy. The Empress Dowager had returned with a much calmer disposition, and had voluntarily asked to go guard the Imperial Mausoleum to pray for Beimin’s blessings for the rest of her life.


Many commoners were fervently discussing in front of the noticeboard.


“The Empress Dowager must have thought over things properly after leaving. The Imperial Mausoleum is a peaceful place; it’s not a bad thing for her to go.”


“The Empress Dowager is so young, yet she’s going to guard the Imperial Mausoleum just to pray for Beimin’s blessings. It’s really Beimin’s fortune!”


“Exactly, yet we were still gossiping about the Empress Dowager’s previous faults. It appears that we were the one’s at fault if this is the case.”


Thus, the civilians began to sing the praises of Pei Yaran as the news spread throughout the country.


Pei Zheng was in the main hall of his residence when a family servant told him the news. Before he could even fly into a temper, he nearly fainted in rage.


Lady Pei immediately went forward to calm him down. “Our daughter didn’t return to the imperial palace. What Prince Hao has done is tantamount to letting her regain her freedom. Rather than staying in the icy cold palace, it’s better to…”


Pei Zheng cut her off. “You’re just a woman; what do you know?! With no other imperial consorts, having Yaran around is equivalent to controlling the entire imperial harem. When His Majesty grows up, the various clans will definitely find a way to make His Majesty take in consorts! Don’t forget that the Pei Family doesn’t have any female candidates anymore.”


The only female candidate was Pei Anru, but her appearance has already been destroyed, and her age doesn’t match with His Majesty’s either. My original intention was for her to get close to Prince Hao, but the plan was completely ruined.


Lady Pei still wanted to say something else, but Pei Zheng was already walking towards the main entrance.


“Lord, where are you going?”


“I’m going to find my unfilial son!” His resounding voice was filled with ire. Soon, he was on a horse carriage speeding towards the Prince Hao Residence.

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