Zhen Yu was stunned. I have only practised how to massage bones for a few hours after returning from herb picking, yet Physician Mei has said that I’ve been learning it for a few days.


“Why are you still standing there in a daze? Go quickly.” Mei Jinxiu urged Zhen Yu along when she saw the latter standing there in confusion.


Zhen Yu softly replied with an affirmative before walking into the inner chamber, emerging with a small medical box a short while later.


“Let’s go. Your brother’s finger will definitely become crippled if treatment is delayed.” Mei Jinxiu pulled on Xie Liuli’s arm and hastily walked out with her while Zhen Yu followed along, locking the door behind her.


Xie Liuli slightly heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Mei Jinxiu’s words. Looks like she has a way to treat Elder Brother. She purposely said that she doesn’t know how to treat him in a moment of anger. 


The trio boarded the horse carriage and arrived at the Commandery Prince Residence not long after. Only then did Zhen Yu learn that the young lady was the Commandery Princess, and that her elder brother was the Commandery Prince. 


If he’s also a prince, his status should be roughly the same as Prince Hao’s. Zhen Yu immediately put on a respectful disposition. They’re all important figures that can’t be offended.


When the three entered the main courtyard, Xie Yun sat up when he heard the noise, and he immediately felt an intense numbness in them. When night comes, the lower part of my body will lose all feeling, leaving me with no choice but to wait a significant amount of time to recover.


With a creak, the door was opened, and Xie Yun consciously felt some of his expectations rise to the surface. Will she come?


“Elder Brother, Miss Mei is here. She disregarded our previous grudges and came here to treat you; we have to thank her.”


Xie Yun softly replied with an affirmative and looked up. When he noticed a certain petite woman’s figure, his brows arched into a smile, and his tone became more cheery and lively. “Many thanks, Miss Mei; you brought a little female healer along today?”


Mei Jinxiu had a straightforward personality, and didn’t bother to explain as she walked over to the bed and grabbed his right hand.


While Mei Jinxiu was diagnosing him, Zhen Yu’s and Xie Yun’s eyes met. When she realised that he was the Commandery Prince, her face was filled with astonishment. 


Why is it him?


Xie Yun’s eyes were smiling as he nodded at her, and Xie Liuli happened to notice this scene. They know each other; the two of them are behaving strangely.


Mei Jinxiu placed Xie Yun’s hand down and coldly harrumphed. “I didn’t expect a smiling tiger to meet such good fortune. The Mei Family’s medical skills are best at connecting and treating bones, and your injury just happens to be treatable with those techniques. You will need your bone to be massaged, and you’ll need to nourish yourself with medical meals for a few days. After your bones have begun to recover better, I will help you join them back together. After you spend some more time recuperating and massaging the bone, you should be fine."


"It's not that I'm fortunate, but that your medical skills are superb." Xie Yun smilingly answered.


Mei Jinxiu took a few steps away and looked towards Zhen Yu. "Zhen Yu, for this period of time, you shall stay in the Commandery Prince Residence and help the Commandery Prince massage his bones. The Commandery Princess has prepared the necessary herbs, so come meet me in the kitchen later." Mei Jinxiu walked out, not wanting to remain in Xie Yun's room for even a moment longer.


Going to the kitchen was one way for her to account to Xie Liuli, as well as speak with the cook.


After Xie Liuli thanked Zhen Yu, she followed Mei Jinxiu out. Soon, only Xie Yun and Zhen Yu remained in the room. 


"Miss, we meet again. I didn't know you're called Zhen Yu. Does it mean cherishing a superior jade?" Xie Yun's smile reached the recesses of his eyes, finding himself relaxing as he looked at her.

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