Xie Liuli understood that this meant that Xie Yun had agreed. Hence, she quickened her pace and immediately boarded the carriage.


After settling herself in, the guard cracked the horsewhip, and the carriage swiftly drove off. They were about to arrive at Mei’s Medical Clinic when Xie Liuli caught sight of a man in blue robes through the curtains of the carriage.


From his back, he looks strikingly similar to that person!


She immediately asked the guard to stop and quickly alighted, looking around the place the man had just been. However, there was no trace of him, and she could only stow away her emotions when the guard called out to her.


“Wait here. I’ll walk to Mei’s Medical Clinic; it’s just ahead.” Xie Liuli instructed the guards before heading to the clinic.


Just as she turned the corner, Feng Changqing finally darted out from a hidden place behind a wall. He couldn’t deny that he was deliberately avoiding her. 


I’m not a fool; I understand her feelings, but I’m not worthy of her. Besides, it’s not so simple for relationships to be built; I was just lending a hand the first time we met. I would have done the same for any woman in that situation. We are simply passers-by in each other’s lives.


That being said, her persistence made him quite surprised. Feng Changqing’s gaze was complicated for a brief moment before it returned to normal. Immediately after, he turned to walk in the opposite direction.




Meanwhile, Xie Liuli had already entered Mei’s Medical Clinic. Mei Jinxiu was busy tidying up after treating a patient, and was thus left stunned when she caught sight of Xie Liuli.


“Commandery Princess, where are you feeling unwell?” Aware that Xie Liuli had a rather decent character, Mei Jinxiu treated her amicably.


Xie Liuli walked forward and anxiously explained, “Miss Mei, I don’t know what’s wrong with my elder brother, but he came back severely injured today. The bone in his index finger is broken, and the imperial physician said that it will become crippled. I beg of you…”


Mei Jinxiu directly refused her. “Commandery Princess, I definitely won’t go to the Commandery Prince Residence. Besides, the imperial physician’s medical skills should be better than mine; if even he couldn’t treat it, then I won’t be able to do much better.” She no longer bothered about Xie Liuli, and busied herself with her own work.


Running out of options, Xie Liuli immediately knelt down despite her noble status. “Miss Mei, I beg of you, please go and take a look. As long as there’s hope, I can’t give up.”


It was at this moment that Zhen Yu happened to walk out from the inner chamber. When she saw Xie Liuli kneeling on the ground, she looked towards Mei Jinxiu.


Xie Liuli continued to implore her. “Let me apologise on my brother’s behalf for everything he has done to you. Miss Mei, you can do anything you want to me; I only ask that you go and check on him.”


Seeing that Mei Jinxiu remained unmoved, Zhen Yu spoke, “Physician Mei, you said that a healer doesn’t care about favours and grudges, and we can save anyone as long as their sins are not too heinous. From what I see, this young lady is kind and pure; her elder brother shouldn’t be much worse.”


Mei Jinxiu coldly sneered, but didn’t comment. However, she was surprised to see Xie Liuli kowtowing to her. Unable to bear it anymore, she immediately went forward to stop her. “Fine, I will go and take a look. It’ll be considered repaying your favour for the other day. The Mei Family’s medical techniques do mention something about connection bones, but I’m not sure if they will be useful. In any case, stay here and wait for a bit.”


Xie Liuli repeatedly nodded. “Many thanks, Miss Mei.”


Mei Jinxiu sighed. This sinner, Xie Yun, really has good fortune to have such a kind younger sister.


“Zhen Yu, bring the smallest medical box in the inner chamber and come with me.”


Zhen Yu was baffled. “I don’t know how to connect bones.”


Mei Jinxiu cast a sidelong glance at her. “Didn’t I teach you how to massage bones these past few days? After we finish connecting the bones tonight, they will still need to be massaged for a period of time before he recovers. It’s the best opportunity for you to practise your techniques.”

She had intentionally decided to take Zhen Yu along. The most I’ll do is join the bones for Xie Yun. As for massaging the bones, Zhen Yu is enough for the job.

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