Looking at his sister's mischievous expression, Xie Yun fondly shook his head. "No matter how much you have grown, you will always be a three-year-old kid in my eyes."


With their parents having passed away early, as the elder brother, Xie Yun was the one who had raised Xie Liuli; he had more or less taken on the role of a father in her life. "Alright, I will forever be a child in your eyes. Lie down and rest properly. I'll go to the kitchen and get some nourishing soup for you." Xie Liuli then stood up and walked out of the room.


After checking that the door was closed, Xie Yun lied back down. However, just as he shut his eyes, the image of the woman who had helped him remove the thorns appeared once again, the look of panic on her face when he had been about to kiss her refusing to leave his mind.


His sister's words suddenly flashed past his mind. I should find an elder sister-in-law. 


Xie Yun opened his eyes and stared blankly ahead. But she is acquainted with Su Xi-er; how can I get close to her? Once I get close to her, I'm afraid that I would try to use her.


His thoughts fell into disorder, and Xie Yun began to smack his head, only stopping when Xie Liuli returned.


“Elder Brother, is your head hurting?” Xie Liuli placed the bowl of soup down and went to the bed, using both of her hands to help him massage his head.


Elder Brother has always had a recurring headache, but he’s been slowly recovering over the years, and he hasn’t relapsed in the past few months. I thought he was almost done with recuperating, but who would have thought that it would flare up again.


Xie Yun raised his hand to grasp her own. “My head isn’t hurting. Bring the bowl of soup over.”


“Really? Then why were you smacking your head just now?” Xie Liuli’s eyes were full of disbelief. He never tells the truth when he has a headache.


Xie Yun laughed. “It really isn't hurting. I was simply lost in my thoughts just now.”


“Elder Brother, you should learn to let go. Your head will feel better if you don’t have so much on your mind and nurse your health.” Xie Liuli earnestly said. She then walked to the table and brought the bowl of soup to the bed.


“It’s not hot. You can hold it and drink while I massage your head.” Xie Liuli placed the bowl in his hands, then knelt on the bed to help massage his head.


Xie Yun didn’t speak, simply drinking the soup with the spoon as Xie Liuli massaged his head with her delicate hands. Once again, the image of the woman who helped him pull the thorns out flashed through his mind.


“Elder Brother, Imperial Physician Zhao may have no solution, but I can’t let your index finger become crippled. I will leave the residence later…”


Xie Yun interrupted her in a harsh tone. “You’re not allowed to leave the residence.”


“I’ll go to Mei’s Medical Clinic and invite Miss Mei to come here. Although there was some conflict between the two of you previously, someone who practises medicine shouldn’t hold a grudge about such things. I will sincerely invite her to come over and treat you.” Xie Liuli spoke with an earnest expression.


As soon as Xie Yun heard the name ‘Mei’s Medical Clinic’, he was once again reminded of the woman who had been on his mind all day. Does Mei Jinxiue bring her along when she goes out to treat patients? He began to hesitate.


“Elder Brother, I’ll go now. We cannot delay if we want to save your finger.” Xie Liuli turned to walk out of the room.


Xie Yun watched as his sister left the room, but didn’t get up to stop her. For reasons unbeknownst to him, he hoped that Mei Jinxiu could bring that woman to the Commandery Prince Residence.


However, before Xie Liuli had even left the residence, she was stopped by the guards at the gate. After telling them about the situation, the guards immediately went to consult Xie Yun. It wasn’t long after that a horse carriage stopped in front of Xie Liuli, with the guard driving it leaping down before deferentially saying, “Commandery Princess, this subordinate will bring you to Mei’s Medical Clinic. Please board.”

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